Mohegan Sun takes a gamble on best online casino singapore




  • The Connecticut casino opens the first phase of a $1-billion addition today despite the weakening economy.



The Mohegan tribe opens today the first phase of a $1-billion addition to its Mohegan Sun casino, two weeks after terrorists attacked New York and sent an already sluggish economy spiraling toward recession.


Project Sunburst — complete with an indoor mountain, the largest planetarium dome in the world, a 10,000-seat arena, an 85-foot waterfall, 2,500 new slot machines, 130,000 square feet of shops and nine new restaurants — is nothing short of breathtaking.


But are Americans really in the mood to gamble?


The terrorist attacks have put a damper on consumers’ enthusiasm for the slots. Turnout on Mohegan’s existing 180,000-square-foot gambling floors has been soft over the past two weeks, according to Mitchell Etess, executive vice president of marketing for Mohegan Sun.


Plus, the opening occurs in the midst of a slumping economy that analysts say is moving toward recession. Economists and Wall Street analysts are predicting a short-term slowdown in entertainment revenue. Rhode Island’s tourism industry has felt the negative effects.


Despite the bleak picture, Mohegan Sun officials remain undaunted.


“We didn’t feel it was appropriate to be celebratory in nature. But we didn’t want to stop,” Etess said.


Although the tribe scaled back today’s celebration, canceling the indoor fireworks and toning down an advertising campaign, the ribbon will still be cut, the slots will flash and more than 21 shops will be open for business.


Mohegan Sun also has no plans to stop construction on the second phase of its expansion project, a 1,200-room hotel tower and 100,000-square-foot convention center, which are scheduled to open in April.


The casino still expects to pull in 14 million people annually and is projecting $1 billion in sales next year, according to Etess.


“Historically, in times of recession, gaming facilities have still been able to grow,” Etess said. “People aren’t traveling far from home and they aren’t getting into airplanes right now, but people still want to do things.”


Etess predicts the casino, with its larger facilities, will be able to capitalize on the 22-million people who live in New England and New York.


Mohegan now gets 20,000 visitors a day, and almost all of them are day-trippers, according to Etess. About 20 percent of those customers come from New York, while 7 percent drive from Rhode Island. Most of the rest come from Massachusetts and Connecticut, he said.


After the hotel opens in April, Mohegan is expecting to attract an additional 16,000 guests a day.


At least one Wall Street analyst agrees.


“Mohegan is more of a regional business and wouldn’t be hurt as badly as some casinos,” said Tom Graves, a gaming analyst with Standard & Poors in New York. “The gaming facilities that rely more on long distance destination travelers are going to be hurt more.”


Mohegan’s Sunburst …

Independent Dominoqq Game Publisher Flourishes after Retail Software Boutique Opening:

FuQuay-Varina, NC, USA August 22, GarageDeveloper Internationalis pleased to announce the successful opening of it’s retail software boutique/internet surfing shop after it’s 3 month test operation.

In conjunction with it’s companion site, The CyberSpace Surf Shop


The publisher’s store serves as their initial distribution point for the label’s CDRom series and published entertainment titles in addition to serving as a physical distribution resource for the independent game development community. The shop offers a “Hi-Speed Web Surfing” service utilizing state of the art equipment. “We are very pleased with the resulting turnout, along with responses and feedback about our offerings and services available to consumers and developers…..,” they noted.


Included among their core offerings are software developer product distribution services through their retail store, consumer digital goods availability, featured software product exposure services(ie; free shelf space for independent game developers), and publishing services.

“Our successful opening has put us in a unique position among independent publishers, whereby having a physical store front allows us to manufacture and distribute our product line and offerings directly to customers ourselves.” they stated, “The opening of our store enhances our role as a central resource for independent software developers and consumers,” they stated

and then added; “We have additional components and mechanisms in place which will serve to better accommodate developer issues regarding exposure for their software products. We now act as the glue between hard to fin independent Dominoqq games and consumers who desire them at our establishment.”, they added.


They also stated that ongoing expansion efforts featuring more contemporary and innovative services are planned for implementation in the very near future are in the works. Among them are expansion of their product line to include general software applications, establishing major retail distribution relationships for their CDRom products, and expansion into other areas of creative media. to debut at Global Gaming Expo 2002 in Las Vegas


Aspen, Colorado, August 28, 2002 — The time has arrived. ONE WORLD-ONE LOTTERY. The window of opportunity to introduce the world’s richest lottery has opened. is the concept inspired by Internet technology and the global appetite for lottery gaming. Representatives of will be attending the Global Gaming Expo, September 17-20 in Las Vegas. founder Jordan Gerberg commented, “The time is right for uniting a world without boundaries while combining the excitement created by colossal jackpots with the global humanitarian benefits of a worldwide lottery”.


What’s in a name? The exceptional marketing advantage of the domain name will provide a distinctive superiority, which in part, will propel to the forefront as the premier Internet lottery operation. As Gerberg explained; “The global population with a demand for lottery gaming is growing exponentially. Weekly jackpots will eventually surpass the $Billion-dollar benchmark”. will begin selling tickets in 2003. members have traded over 3.5 million contracts since March 2002.

TradeSports Exchange, the new person-to-person sports trading exchange located in Dublin Ireland has traded over 3.5 million …


Global Entertainment today announced record revenue and net income for fourth quarter 2001 of $2,087,000 and $1,040,000. This represents more than a 44% increase in revenue and a 445% increase in net income from fourth quarter 2000, according to pre-audited financials.


IN EXCESS OF $2,000,000     – Global Shows Two Consecutive Years Profit –

Miami, Florida, January 24, 2002 – Global Entertainment Holdings/Equities, Inc. (OTC BB: GAMM) ( Global Entertainment today announced record revenue and net income for fourth quarter 2001 of $2,087,000 and $1,040,000. This represents more than a 44% increase in revenue and a 445% increase in net income from fourth quarter 2000, according to pre-audited financials.

Global Entertainment CEO, Bryan Abboud comments “The results are excellent as they show the strongest quarter ever for Global in terms of revenue and net income. Although Global was faced with traditional cyclicality of sportsbook-based licensing revenue as witnessed by net losses in the first three quarters in 2001, we anticipated to make-up the balance in the fourth quarter and we did. This will be our second consecutive year of profitability.” Global income is derived through its wholly owned subsidiaries Interactive Gaming & Wagering, NV (IGW), a software provider for online casino and sportsbook companies, and Prevail Online, Inc. (Prevail), a web publishing company focused on online gaming portals.

2001 year-end revenue was $4,734,338 as compared to $4,577,423 for 2000. Global will show a marginal profit of $173,168 as compared to a profit of $217,662 for 2000 – despite expecting a net loss for the year due to investments in organizational structure, product improvements and marketing. The financial accomplishments are attributable to a sound corporate Ligaz11 strategy created and executed over the past 12 months, which lays the groundwork for substantial growth in 2002.


In addition, because of new contractual arrangements with one of Global’s major clients, cashflow has increased significantly and Global expects to retire short-term debt of $968,564 due this year.


In 2002, Global’s subsidiary IGW plans to increase its focus on marketing and introduce new business models to adapt to emerging customer requirements. This is expected to have a significant impact on new revenue sources. IGW will continue with significant investment in product development both to improve the end-user’s entertainment experience and to improve the profitability of clients. Global’s other subsidiary, Prevail, re-launched its flagship website, on December 1, 2001 and is expected to use the re-launch and its long-standing reputation in the industry to return to profitability during 2002.


As a result of the strategic direction of its subsidiaries, Global expects revenue growth in the range of 30% in 2002 and an increased profit and profit margin for 2002.


Safe Harbor Statement

Some statements in this release are forward-looking and are subject to certain risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to, economic conditions, competition, changes in laws, and the demand for the company’s goods and services, which could significantly affect anticipated future results. Actual results …

Never Go All In Slot Gacor

Well, not exactly. If you indeed are at the end of your money on the table, and it is appropriate with pot odds to put the rest in, go ahead. The full title should be,

“Always keep enough money on the table so that, with the maximum number of bets you would ever expect for any hand, you never have to go all in.”

This should be very obvious, but I see it violated every day at low limit tables, so here is this essay. I wait long enough between full houses that I want to always get the maximum payoff when I get one.

Calculate how much you need for the particular game you are in. An absolute minimum would be 2 bets for every betting round. That would be 6 big bets for flop games like hold’em and Omaha, and 8 BB for stud.

A better strategy is to actually have the maximum on the table, to cover “capped” betting on every round. [I will use the standard Arizona rule that 4 bets “caps” a betting round. For LA or LV players, sometimes it is 5. Adjust accordingly.] In fact, in hi/lo games like Omaha/8 and Stud hi/lo/8, the betting is often capped on later rounds, and this idea is more important. And I ask you: Why not do this?? If you have paid attention to advice on bankroll, you will have plenty of money to cover this amount. For a 3-6 Stud game, this would be 16 big bets, or $96. So that’s my advice: whenever your table stake falls below $96, re-buy immediately. This costs you nothing, since presumably you have a bankroll of 200 BB or so. Do it. For hold’em, which has one fewer “big bet” round of betting, 12 BB is the proper amount.

For newcomers, your money is as safe on the table as it is in your savings account. I have never heard a single story, ever, of anyone losing any money (to theft or loss) on the table. Go ahead and put as much of your bankroll on the table as necessary.

In Arizona, most games are played with a “kill.” If so, your minimum should be for the maximum number of bets for a kill pot. If the 3-6 stud game has a “full kill” at 6-12, then your minimum should be $192 on the table.

I see this concept violated all the time. One day I joined my friend Pat at a 3-6 hold’em table. As players will do, I asked her, “How are you doing today?” and she told me, “I’m already into this game for $300.” At that moment, she had about $20 sitting in front of her. (I know she always has plenty of bankroll with her – this was not her last $20 or even close to it.) Over the next 5-10 hands, that piddled away, and finally she went all in with about her last $6 or $9, and lost. She re-bought with …

A UFA Game of Mistakes

How often has this happened to you? You’ve mucked your garbage cards in early position and there is nothing left to do but to watch the other player finish the hand. Because you aren’t emotionally or financially involved in the hand, you can tell EXACTLY what everyone has.

It’s completely obvious to you that one player has the nuts, for instance. And you watch, fascinated, as another player bets into the nut hand with NO outs. To compound the error, the player who is drawing dead now calls a raise on the river to lose even more money.

Before the winner is turned over, you mentally call the winning hand to yourself, and are not at all surprised when the two cards you expected to see are revealed.

Why are hands so easy to read when you’re NOT involved? Good question!

Why are they so hard to read when you have YOUR money in the pot? Another good question.

Poker is a game of mistakes. The player who makes the least misjudgments, misreads and downright DUMB plays is most likely to go home with the cash.

I’m going to give you an exercise that is quite advanced for a change. Every once in a while you should be given a chance to go to another level of UFA play. If you are like most players (myself included), you won’t be able to complete this exercise for long. At best you’ll only be able to manage a few minutes of the exercise before failing.

Here is what I want you to do. One night next week, before you get out of the car in your cardroom parking lot and go in to play, I want you to stop for a few minutes and concentrate. I want you to visualize yourself as you sit behind the wheel. As you see yourself, pretend that you are a director in a movie where you are the star. The movie is about you. Now you are NOT the player, you are the director watching an actor playing you.

Are you still with me? The person that is normally you, now is an actor playing you, ok?

For as long as you can maintain the exercise, watch yourself play poker from a camera angle just over your right shoulder. Within the picture frame, the camera can see all the players at the table and can zoom in on your hand when it is dealt to you.

Instead of you putting your money in the pot, you are watching an actor putting his chips in the pot. Now the camera follows everyone in turn around the table. From this detached point of view, suddenly everyone’s motives for acting are revealed. Including YOURS.

To your amazement, you will find yourself saying about the actor playing you. “Why did he do that? That was so STUPID! The guy in the three seat OBVIOUSLY has the best hand!”

Now as the director, you tell the actor that is playing you …

Drawing Dead: A Poker ligaz11 Cop Mystery

By now you’ve seen the headline: Vegas Poker Room Massacre! Looked at the pictures of the dead lying around the poker table. Read the story about the losing player who went berserk and killed two other players before being killed himself. The problem is the pictures weren’t worth a thousand words and no one got the story right. So I’m going to tell you the true story of the Drawing Dead Murders. It’s about a poker player we called The Little Guppy and why he was shot to death at the Midnight Game, the Majestic Casino’s Saturday Night $500-$1000 Limit Hold’em Game. Every detail of his death, and the investigation that followed, is exact. I should know. I’m the one who killed him.


In old-time wise-guy Vegas, whether you played your poker in a Glitter Gulch sawdust joint or a Strip carpet joint, there was always a Poker Goon watching. The Goons were oversized enforcers with saps in their pockets and guns in their waistbands whose job it was to deal out street justice. Cheat another player – the Goon would take you into the back alley. Steal from the poker room – the Goon would take you down to the basement. Pull out a gun in the poker room – the Goon would shoot you dead on the spot.


That Vegas is long gone. Street justice has been replaced by due process. The old-time poker joints have been replaced by modern up-scale poker rooms: The Bellagio. The Mirage. The Majestic. The Poker Goons have been replaced by Poker Cops. My name is Talbot. I’m Chief of Poker Room Security, the Poker Cop, at the Las Vegas Majestic Hotel & Casino. My job is to make sure that the Small Fish ($2-$4 Minnows, $3-$6 Guppies), who swim in, cash in hand, and the Big Fish ($30-$60 Sharks, $50-$100 Piranha) who swim out with most of that cash – minus the Room’s Rake – cause no trouble.


I don’t have to go looking for trouble. Trouble knows where I live. The night I killed the Little Guppy, Joey Rosenberg, the Majestic’s Poker Room Manager, comes up to me looking real worried. Joey never looks worried. I ask, “What’s wrong?”


“Tally,” he tells me, “there’s a Little Guppy, strictly Cheap Seats, trespassing in the Holy Land and spooking the Midnight Game. He’s sitting there glaring, crazy-like, at the other players. He bought in for six racks of purple but he’s not looking at his cards or even playing the game, just paying the blinds and staring. It’s spooky. I want you there if he freaks out.”


Unlike the Cheap Seats, where the checks are blue and red, and the hold’em is friendly no-fold ’em, the Holy Land, the Majestic’s High Stakes ligaz11 Poker Platform, is where the checks are black and purple and the poker is deadly serious. The Midnight Game, named for its start time, is where the Majestic Poker Room holds its Saturday Night $500-$1000 …

Celebrity Gambling. Bet On Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya!

How can you resist? You can’t, so set aside this Wednesday night for FOX’s special, “Celebrity Boxing” featuring a “Partridge Family” alumnus against one of the “Brady Bunch”, Tonya Harding, Queen of the Ice Scandals, vs Paula Jones, member of the Clinton Accuser Posse, and washed up rapper Vanilla Ice vs a Mystery Opponent. And if that’s not special enough, is offering odds on all the bouts. Realizing the immense appeal of such match ups, Intertops quickly created several betting options for the online gambler.

In the battle of the former sitcom child stars, The Partridge Family’s Danny Bonaduce faces Brady Bunch’s Barry Williams with Bonaduce the favorite at 2/5. Williams’ chances are currently listed at 7/4. In the match of the scandal queens, the notorious Tonya Harding is the 1/5 favorite with Paula Jones at 3/1. And despite not knowing who Vanilla Ice will fight, Intertops picks the Mystery Opponent to win with odds at 7/20. How embarrassing is that?

Intertops chief bet manager, Michael Marz says he’s offering these betting options because the bouts are all legitimate matches and “putting former celebrities in a ring together to trade punches makes for one of the most entertaining specials to ever air on television.”

Entertaining indeed. As long as someone checks Tonya Harding’s gloves before the match and the referee doesn’t let Vanilla Ice dance around too much.

“Celebrity Boxing” airs Wednesday, March 13, at 9pm EST on FOX.

Hey Max, Can I go to jail for gambling online? – Judd

Short Answer: You’re more likely to win the lottery.

Details: Only one American has ever gone to jail over criminal charges relating to Internet gambling. That unlucky fellow is Jay Cohen, owner of the World Sports Exchange online sportsbook.

In March 28, 2000 Cohen was convicted in a New York federal court for one count of conspiracy and seven counts of violating the Interstate Wire Act of 1961. Cohen was sentenced to 21 months in prison, two years of supervised release, a special assessment of $800, and a fine of $5,000. He is currently free on bond.

Keep in mind, though, that Cohen was the OWNER of the sportsbook – a bookie – and not a PLAYER. To my knowledge, no player has ever faced charges for gambling online. You can read more about Cohen’s plight here.

Hey Max, What’s better, Java or Flash?

Short Answer: They’re both good.

Details: Back in the old days (circa 1998), you had to download a program application if you wanted to gamble at an online casino. But Togel Hongkong  casino operators soon discovered that some people didn’t like waiting to download a big file, and others weren’t comfortable installing the software on their computers.

So the operators developed “instant-play” casinos using Java and Flash technology. I’ve gambled at both Java and Flash casinos and, frankly, don’t see a whole lot of difference — except that Flash graphics tend to look a little slicker, especially on slots.

The Java games at The …

New I-Gaming Judi Slot Online Law Resource Published

  1. LOUIS, Mo., USA — The River City Group is pleased to announce its distribution of the newly published Chapman Law Review book, which contains some fresh scholarly work on gaming law, particularly as it relates to interactive gaming.


“We’re pleased to assist the Chapman University School of Law in distributing its gaming law volume of the Chapman Law Review,” said Sue Schneider, CEO of The River City Group. “This book is a great resource on I-gaming legal issues related to sports betting, debt collection, regulation, taxation and money laundering.”


Mark Schopper, Editor-in-Chief of the Law Review, added, “In our view, this fast growing segment of the gaming industry has a need for scholarly and innovative thinking. Accordingly, our goal for this publication is to provide a valuable legal resource for elected officials, judges, scholars, lawyers, business people and other decision makers interested in this subject.”


Toward that end, Chapman Law Review assembled a stellar body of established legal writers, including Tony Cabot, Joseph Kelly, Tom Bell, Cory Aronovitz and Frank Catania. In addition, two Chapman Law Review editors added comments on taxation and money laundering in examples of fresh thoughts and innovative perspectives.


The Chapman Law Review is an excellent adjunct to the newly released Internet Gambling Report V, which was published in May by The River City Group. This “must have” legal resource for the interactive gaming industry is a compilation of articles from over 33 internationally renowned authors who are experts in the industry.


IGW Releases Horse Betting Software


MIAMI — Global Entertainment Holdings/Equities, Inc. (OTCBB:GAMM; announced today that its subsidiary, Interactive Gaming & Wagering (IGW), has released versatile, new horse betting software. IGW rolled out a successful release to its client site located at earlier last month.


The horse betting market handle at North American tracks is estimated to be worth $20 billion. IGW’s new system enables gaming operators to accept bets from players on a non-pari-mutuel system. On average, online sportsbooks hold about 30% of the total handle, which represents a significant revenue opportunity for licensees of IGW software.


“Interactive Gaming & Wagering developed this software in response to market needs both externally and internally,” stated Bryan Abboud, President of IGW. “The online gaming market is witnessing a tremendous demand for horse wagering and our current licensees requested the opportunity to grow their business in this area.”


The IGW software system offers a myriad of Judi Slot Online betting options — from standard bets to Trifecta, Quinella, and Superfecta, which equates to more fun for players and increased revenue potential for operators. Currently there are no other non-pari-mutuel online horse betting systems that offer Pick 3 and Pick 6 wager types, which means IGW is first-to-market in this area.


The newly released horse betting software compliments IGW’s suite of online gaming software systems, which includes Java casino software and an online Sportsbook software that powers some of the industry’s most successful wagering sites. IGW …

The Third-Time Charm — Part II

In Part I, I covered the first three days of the Doyle Brunson North American No-Limit Hold’em Poker Championship. This event concluded the third Festa al Lago tournament, a series of 11 events conducted in mid-October at the five-diamond Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The championship honored Brunson, a man many consider the premier living legend of poker.


Doyle was on hand for the taping of the final table. If you read Part I (if not, it’s archived on, surely you came away with the idea that I believe we should study the top players’ thought processes in an effort to improve our games. So, who better to hit up for some ideas than “Texas Dolly”? I sat down with Doyle before play started and asked, “We know the top players are aggressive and have heart, but is there a lesser known trait that runs through them?”


Doyle responded, “That’s sort of like the question I’ve been asked most: What does it take to become a great poker player?” I nodded, and he continued, “I think the answer to that is the ability to recall what happened in the past. Sometimes I’ll remember a situation with a player that took place 15 or 20 years ago. When that situation arises again, I vividly recall it and take advantage of it. For example, Stu Ungar had a habit of stacking his chips very neatly before he bet when he was bluffing. I remembered that and won a big pot from him. So, if you have a good memory, you have the capability of becoming a good poker player.”


Interestingly, at Sam’s Town in 1999, I asked T.J. Cloutier what one thing contributed most to his tournament success, and he answered in similar fashion. T.J. told me he might not remember an opponent’s name, but if he ever played against him for any period of time, he’d always be able to recall the way he played.


The previous day, we had 10 players sitting at the final table. But, for PPT qualifications, a WPT final table consists of six. Huh, PPT? The Professional Poker Tour is a WPT Enterprises undertaking. Approximately 200 players will be invited to join the PPT during its first season. The listing of players and more information on the PPT can be found on the website.


You may have noticed that there should be at least $6,240,000 in outstanding chips. After activating my clay detector and unsuccessfully scouring the area, I decided that some random chip-up exchange or movement from one table to another had gone awry. Let the conspiracy theorists have at it.


After situs poker online pkv games Tournament Director Jack McClelland individually introduced the players in the foreground of the beautiful shooting fountains of Bellagio, play began at 7:18 p.m. with blinds of $12,000-$24,000 and antes of $3,000 for each player. The champion hoisted his trophy almost six hours later. There were numerous breaks (but …

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