Figuring Out the Low Casino Extra



After playing poker for even a short time you may notice a series of Hi-Lo games.  Hi-Lo versions of any game are games where the best hand takes only half the pot, and the worst hand takes the other half.  The two most common forms of Casino Extra Hi-Lo are Omaha Hi-Lo and 7 card stud Hi-Lo.  In both these games the rules are exactly the same as their normal forms, except now the pot is split whenever a low hand is available.  In the most common versions of these games that means any five cards that do not make a pair, and have a worse value than a high card of nine (meaning the highest card in the hand can be an 8).


Why split the pot?  Well by having games where both good and bad hands can win, the number of cards that help someone at the table increases, and so does the action.  Hi-Lo games can lead to a lot of betting, a lot of random hands being played, and add a fun wrinkle into any poker game.  Many pros also swear these as the easiest games to build up a bank roll once you learn how to play them well, since so many players don’t.



There are two main methods in use for figuring out how to rank low hands.  One way is called the “deuce to seven” method (also nicknamed the “Kansas City” method).  If the deuce to seven method is being used, then the aces only count as high cards, not low, and straights and flushes do count as high hands.  The lowest hand possible using the Kansas City rules is 75432.  This is the less common of the two methods, and the least popular as it makes it much more difficult to make a low hand.


The most common way is to count an ace as a low, so it counts as a one, and to ignore straights and flushes.  In this way, a 5432A hand is the Casino Extra lowest possible.  This is by far and away the most common use of cards for low games.  The other thing to be aware of is where each game caps its low.  Many games only allow cards of eight or lower, which is why sometimes you may also see Omaha Hi-Lo referred to as Omaha 8 Hi-Lo.  This means any hand that would beat a high card of eight is not eligible for the low part of the pot.


These games can seem very confusing at first, and they take time to learn.  Don’t be afraid to watch games, or if at a casino, ask a dealer for assistance if you find yourself confused.  The most important part of playing these games are understanding how to find the low.


REMEMBER: Count the low from the highest card down, not lowest up.  For example: A2345 should actually be read 5432A for the low.  The other way is …

Cbetcasino Poker Wisdom From Phil Gordon



In the intro chapter to Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book, he writes that great poker players share five qualities. Here’s a summary of those qualities:


(1) Aggressive

(2) Patient

(3) Courageous

(4) Observant

(5) Always improving


By aggressive, he does not necessarily mean playing every hand like a “jackal”. (Phil Hellmuth’s animal designation for a player who calls every bet, regardless of their own hand.) But he does say, “[checkers] and callers usually don’t last very long.”


In fact, quality (2) suggsts that you want to wait for “profitable situations”. The good thing is that you can learn all of these qualities.


The fifth quality is, in my opinion, what differentiates great poker players from acceptable players. As Gordon suggests, always work on your game, read books, talk to other players, and analyze your own play.


To “analysis”, I’d add learning about hand odds pre- and post-flop, because that gives you one more important skill in your repertoire – a skill that actually helps you develop the patience to wait for profitable situations.


Armed with all this knowledge, I watched two older tourneys this past weekend with a new perspective. The one match I’d like to focus on was the WPT Aruba Poker Classic Tournament, Season 3, which took place in Aruba, in the Carribean, from Sep 26 – Oct 1, 2004.


The hosts were Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten. I particularly like these guys (and Phil Gordon, when he hosts WSOP tourneys) because they know the game and they are actually excited to be hosting. It makes watching more enjoyable.


The prize Cbetcasino pool was $4 million, with the top prize being $1 mln. The tourney started with 647 players, all with 6,000 in chips. The final 6 players were as follows:


Seat 6: Mike “the Mouth” Matusow, who definitely deserves his nickname. His immodesty I can take, but swearing when there are very young children present I can’t. And in case you’re saying that these kids shouldn’t be there, they’re Layne Flack’s girls. I’m thinking that they kind of want to watch daddy play in some country they haven’t been to before, instead of sitting in their hotel room with a babysitter.


Seat 5: Dr. Vic Fey, a family physician, who got in via a satellite online for $27. He’s only been playing for 6 months.


Seat 4: Patrick McMillan, 27. Don’t know much about him.


Seat 3: John Juanda, 33. Know of him, and that he’s considered a good play, but that’s about it. He was Vince Van Patten’s pick for first place.


Seat 2: Erick Brenes, 54, 2nd chip leader and a farm owner from Costa Rica. His brother is a professional poker player.


Seat 1: Layne Flack, 35, chip leader. He appears to be a very patient player, despite seeming somewhat frustrated by Mouth Matusow’s antics.


It’s amazing how fast you gain insight into Texas Hold’em. Once …

The 5 P’s of Cheri Casino Poker



Today you will learn the important 5 P’s pf poker. They are Patience, Perseverance, Psychology, Position, and Practice. What makes these words important is what they really mean in the game of poker. This I will explain below.



Patience –

In the game of poker you must have patience to win Cheri Casino. You have to wait for good hands to play, If you don’t have patience and you play every single hand you can be assured that you will not be a winning player. You need to wait for good hands, wait and make the right moves, and wait to make the right bets.



Perseverance –

This is very important in poker. You cannot give up, and you must always play your best game. If you hit a loosing streak and get beat with bad cards or bad play you cannot give in and start playing bad hands and making bad moves. Do not give in to tilt.



Psychology –

Poker is a people game played with cards, not a card game played with people. You must always be thinking about the other players. How have they played in the past? Why would they make that bet? What do they think I have? Always try to get inside the other players head, try and put yourself in their position to figure out what they have.



Position –

Always be aware of your position on the Cheri Casino table. Be aware of other players positions. You get to choose the cards you play and when you play them. In early position only play very best hands. Is someone who acts after you raise almost every hand? Maybe you need to play tighter with him on the table.



Practice –


To be a winning poker play you have to play….a lot. The more you play the more experience you will have. You must also keep up on poker strategy. Read poker books and then read them again.