Brits endorse regulating online Keluaran HK gambling but not banning the industry



A press release was sent out by the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative (SSIGI) on Monday stating that Bristish Government officials are endorsing the United States’ regulation of online gambling. The British Government has signaled quite clearly that they would actually prefer to see the U.S. regulate online gambling rather than prohibiting the industry.


The European Union has also been in negotiations with the United States for compensation because of the online gambling ban. On a recent visit to Washington D.C., EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson said that Congress either needed to open up the online gambling market to European operators or pay the compensation.


The United States is facing a potential $100 billion claim from the European Union in the trade dispute.


There is already a bill introduced in the U.S. Congress that could end the online gambling ban and bring the nation back into compliance with World Trade Organization regulations.


Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) introduced H.R. 2046, the Internet Keluaran HK Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act, in the House of Representatives earlier this year.


The bill would legalize the online gambling industry and set up a system of regulating and licensing online gambling businesses who want to serve U.S. customers.


Instead of following that route after the WTO ruled again this year that the online gambling ban violated trade regulations, the United States chose to start the process to withdraw its obligations with regard to free trade in the gaming area.


So Antigua and Barbuda, which initiated the original case, is now asking for $3.7 billion in compensation, and the United States is open to trade concession demands from other countries involved in the online gambling sector.


If the United States and the European Union can’t come to a settlement agreement, the European Union could demand a binding arbitration before a WTO panel.


Antigua is already involved in arbitration with the United States. The latest deadline for the two to come to an agreement is set for Friday.


Langkah Praktis Untuk Melakukan Taruhan Bola Online



Bandar Bola Indonesia yang kali ini akan membahas sebuah berita tentang langkah praktis untuk melakukan taruhan bola online. Melakukan perjudian online dengan cara itu adalah langkah atau cara praktis untuk membuat taruhan. Karena dengan melakukan online taruhan kita tidak perlu repot repo dalam segala hal. Sangat, sangat praktis dan juga sangat, sangat menyenangkan jika dilakukan secar bertaruh, kita tidak boleh keluar rumah atau pergi untuk bertaruh. Cukup di rumah dan tidak perlu melakukan berpanaspanasan perjudian online secar.


Untuk pecinta judi memang hal yang sangat tepat untuk bertaruh, ke kanan – pecinta sejati sepak bola itu pasti melakukan perjudian yang sangat serius dengan perjudian yang secar online ini. sangat praktis jika kita ingin melakukan hal ini perjudian poker online .


banyak waktu yang berguna yang dapat digunakan untuk hal lain untuk melakukan hal ini perjudian online tidak memerlukan banyak waktu, jadi jika Anda masih punya waktu terlalu longgar dapat digunakan untuk chatting atau mengobrol dengan opetaror juga tersedia di Internet yang melayani permainan judi. Operator perjudian memang akan ada 24 jam non stop dan siap untuk pergi kapan saja jika kita butuhkan. Keraguan kami terjawab jika Anda ingin tahu lebih jelas tentang hal ini permainan judi online untuk chatting dengan operator judi yang siap setiap saat.


Agen Guavita Yang Bisa Memberikan Kenikmatan Dalam Berjudi


Bandar Bola Indonesia yang akan memberitakan sebuah wacana tentang agen Guavita yang bisa memberikan kenikmatan dalam berjudi. Judi online merajalela sekarang dilakukan dan telah terjadi sejak lama, namun akhir-akhir ini adalah bahwa memabuat perjudian online semakin menjadi merajalela. Perjudian online di dunia maya atau di dunia internet memang banyak seperti penggilanya tersebut. Salah satunya adalah di internet adalah guavita yang merupakan salah satu agen judi kualitas.


Agen Guavita akan sangat membantu kita dalam melakukan permainan judi karena agen ini hanya berkonsentrasi di satu pertandingan. Dengan hanya berkonsentrasi pada satu-satunya permainan belakangan agen ini akan memberikan informasi lengkap tentang permainan yang ditawarkan.


Agen Guavita sangat populer dengan banyak lembaga menawarkan beberapa permainan kasino online yang ada di dunia maya. Sebagai penyedia persembahan banyak kasino situs game online yang diberikan. Contoh permainan kasino, bakarat, sic bo, roullete, harimau juga oleskan Keno. Dari beberapa contoh permainan yang ditawarkan di bagian atas akan sangat membantu jika Anda ingin melakukan permainan judi dan penjudi cukup pilih salah satu permainan yang di tawarkan. Guavita agen akan memberikan kenikmatan bagi penjudi serius jika Anda ingin melakukan perjudian permaina di lembaga ini.


Winning Texas Hold’Em Strategy – Playing the First Two Cards in Dominoqq



“You’ve got to know when to hold’em, know when to fold ‘em,” sang Kenny Rogers in his hit song The Gambler. While this is true at every phase of Texas Hold’em, it is especially important after the deal of the first two cards. Any two cards can win, but if you play the first two cards all the time, they won’t win often enough to make you money. You must set standards for yourself with regard to the first two cards. If your goal is to win money, you must be very selective about which hands you are going to play. Your object is to win lots of money with your monster hands, and to lose the absolute minimum with poor hands. No doubt luck plays a part in your success. You can be a terrible player and yet have a session where everything goes your way and you end up a big winner, but in the long run skilled players come out winners and poor players losers. It’s a blend of skill and luck that will serve you best, so spend time developing skill.


Before discussing the actual hands consider the importance of position. The dealer always acts last (except for the first round) and there are four betting rounds compared to two for draw poker. This situation makes late betting positions in Texas Hold’em highly advantageous and puts early positions at a severe disadvantage. If you call or bet in early position, you are open to a raise or raises behind you, and the earlier your position, the higher the risk of this happening. So recommended starting standards for early positions are much tighter than for later positions. In a nutshell not only are your cards important, but also your position is important. Playing after other players have acted is a great advantage.


Know your position. With nine players at the table, the three to the immediate left of the dealer are in early position; the next three are in middle position; and the two to the right of the dealer and the dealer himself are in late position. Make adjustments if less than nine are playing.


In early position only play when you hold the very best hands. Here are some guidelines for playing the first two cards. These are not hard and fast rules carved in stone. Even the Dominoqq experts don’t agree so this list is based on the recommendations of a number of authors. Play pairs of aces through pairs of sevens. Play same suit (suited): aces with a king, queen, jack, ten or nine; king with a queen, or jack; queen with a jack; and jack-ten. Different suits (unsuited): ace with a king or queen; and king with a queen.


In middle position add the following hands: Pairs: add sixes and fives: Suited: play ace and any other card; king and any card eight or higher; add queen-ten; jack-nine; ten-nine and nine-eight. Unsuited: add ace-jack; ace-ten; …

The Ins and Outs of Poker Tournament Strategy



Poker tournament strategy is a complex affair and different players will offer different advice. There are a few things, however, which will remain consistent between the advice of any given player, no matter how skilled or unskilled they may be. You begin understanding the strategy related to poker tournament play by understanding how these tournaments are set up. Each player will buy into the tournament by paying for a certain amount of chips plus the fee demanded by the casino or the online establishment hosting the tournament. The fee is usually a percentage of the chips. For example, a $500 buy-in tournament may actually cost $520 once the cost of the casino or online service’s site is added.


The players will then be pitted against one another. A player is forced to leave the tournament when their stack of chips is depleted. Understanding poker tournament strategy at the beginning phase of the game is a good lesson in understanding poker  togel sgp strategy in general. Principally, understanding the strategies means understanding when you can afford to sit back and relax and when you must be a very aggressive player who picks off the small fish one by one.


In the first phase of the tournament, each player has an equal amount of chips. This means that one is neither at an advantage nor at a disadvantage relative to the other players. The first phase of the tournament is the time when the player should sit back and wait for the good hands to come along. There’s no reason to be overly aggressive when one is not particularly behind in terms of the amount of chips they’re holding. The first phase will also shake out those players whose style is far too risky for tournament play. Let them eliminate themselves and make sensible bets.


When the second phase of the tournament comes around, it will be time to determine whether one needs to become aggressive or still needs to sit back and let other players determine their own fates. If your stack happens to be much depleted, one will necessarily become a more aggressive player to replenish their funding. Because the final phase of the tournament and the success of the players who make it that far will largely be determined by the amount of chips they bring to the table, one wants to make sure that their stack is not short when they reach that phase.


During the middle stage of the game be sure to adapt your Poker Tournament Strategy to that of the players against whom one is pitted. If the players are being overly-aggressive then pull back. Let them hang themselves. If the players are being too cautious, start picking out the shorter stacks at the table and knocking them off one by one. Especially if one happens to have a large stack at this phase of the tournament, it’s time to get aggressive in to narrow down the playing field …

What is Baccarat?



Changing Bets

Change your bet by selecting an amount using the Bet Console in the lower left corner of the screen.  Select the amount to raise or lower your bet by choosing one of the four chips on the bet panel.  Raise your bet by this amount by clicking on the arrow button above the chip, and lower your bet by this amount by clicking on the arrow button below the chip.


If you raise the amount higher than your current balance permits, the bet amount will turn red.  In this case, either increase your balance by depositing funds, or reduce your bet.  The bet amount also stops at a maximum of $100 and a minimum of $1.


Placing Bets


Each time you left-click inside the designated betting areas on the Baccarat table (see image above), you will place your current bet amount on the table — adding to any chips that might already be there.  To remove your current bet amount from the table, right-click inside one of the designated betting areas.


For example, to change from the initial bet of $5 to $10, simply click on the arrow above the $5 chip in the Bet Console.  The bet amount has now been raised to $10.  Clicking on the “K” (column #4) in the

B A N K E R S row places a $10 bet (two $5 chips) on the Banker hand.  Clicking again on the “K” will place another $10 for a total bet of $20 on the Banker hand.  If you right-click on the “K” you will remove $10 from the table, leaving $10.


Starting the Deal

A minimum bet of $5 (distributed among any of the three possible bets) is required to start the deal.  If the total bet placed on the table is at least the required minimum, the DEAL button will light up, indicating that you may click it to start the deal.  Once the DEAL button is clicked, bets can no longer be changed or removed, and the game begins with the initial deal.


If you have already played a hand of Baccarat and you have sufficient funds to repeat the previous bet, the DEAL button may be enabled without any bets on the table.  In this case, clicking the DEAL button will start a new hand using the same bets made for the previous hand.  This is a quick way of repeating the previous wager without having to click in the designated betting areas to place your bets again.

Playing the Game

Baccarat requires no intervention by the player once the cards have been dealt.  There are specific rules (see THE RULES) that dictate whether the player togel hongkong  or banker receives a third card, but these rules are carried out entirely by the dealer.  The player does not need to be familiar with the “third card” rules.



The Most Exciting Bingo Venues on casino en ligne



What is your favorite bingo venue? Your local bingo hall? One of the online bingo rooms? Or even a church, perhaps? Whatever it is, all of them are considered to be the usual places for playing bingo. But if you would have to name the most exciting places where you have played or would like to play bingo, what would they be?


The Bingo Musical


When we tried to search for the most exotic and unusual places that hosted bingo games, we came up with some very interesting results. The first one to draw our attention was the Bingo Musical – a music bingo game where players have to cross-out the names of the artists and songs that they hear instead of numbers. The latest Bingo Musical took place at the London’s Royal National theater and had faced great success. The idea was first introduced by the Bring & Share DYI disco in London back in 2007 and spread all through out the country.


Since then musical bingo was played in pubs, theaters, music and art festivals and of course at the Bring & Share DYI disco. Fun, amusing and catchy – these are the words that best describe musical bingo games. Listening to the most popular pop and rock tunes while having bingo fun is definitely something every bingo fan should try. And the fact that the game takes place somewhere outside your home or the local bingo hall makes it an even more exiting event.


However, if you still prefer the comfort of your own home over some public venue, you might actually turn it into something exciting and gain some special bingo experience. Music bingo might as well be a home entertainment activity which is sure to result a great evening for you and your friends. Making musical bingo cards is no more difficult than the regular ones and making up a playlist of the songs for the game on your computer or a stereo device simply sounds fun. Moreover, it’s even better if you or your friends have some music skills and would be able to perform the extracts of the songs live.


One way or another, at home or at a theater Bingo Musical is the game that is sure to bring entertainment to the audience. Music just gives something special to bingo, something that makes it a whole different and improved phenomenon. Or could it be vice versa?


Skydiving Bingo


Another intriguing bingo venue is the sky. Yes, that’s right – the sky! And we’re not talking about the popular online bingo site Sky Bingo. No, we’re talking about people jumping out of the airplanes with parachutes and trying to land on one of the marked areas. Those who want to play skydiving bingo have to choose one or more areas on which they think the skydivers would land and if they guess right – bingo! the prize money goes to the lucky winner.


PartyGaming and Online Casino Singapore Future Bright – HSBC



Analysts at HSBC slapped a price target of 122p on the shares of PartyGaming, saying they saw potential upside of 30% on the share price at levels of 94p.


In a research note initiating coverage with an ‘Overweight’ rating, HSBC – the house broker for 888 Holdings – noted that although the PartyGaming share price has retraced from its July high of 179p, the fall has been overdone.


“We expect continued growth from its current core market [US], benefits from the data mining project started this year and new game offerings will drive top-line growth,” wrote Richard Wainwright, analyst for HSBC.


PartyGaming has been under a cloud since the company issued its interims in September when comments about the future growth prospects triggered a 30% fall in the share price. But Wainwright noted the fears regarding the strength of the poker market have not been borne out by the third-quarter key performance indicators (KPIs) from either PartyGaming or 888.


“PartyGaming’s de-rating has nevertheless had a significant impact on the sector… As a result, we believe the online gaming sector is now relatively undervalued versus its growth rates.”


However, Wainwright says that the sector will need to see a longer series of good KPI numbers and financial performances over a period of 12 months for confidence in the sector to return. Noting the recent US$14.5m PartyGaming deal to acquire MultiPoker, Wainwright added he expected consolidation within the egaming sector to increase and that PartyGaming is likely to be a “key consolidator” within the space.


Meanwhile, the performance of the Empire Online share price this week suggests that many in the City of London are betting against PartyGaming making a substantial offer for the business. At one point on 18 November, the Empire share price slumped to 58.5p, giving it a market cap valuation of around £180m.


PartyGaming Predicts Further Online Casino Singapore Growth


The popularity and proliferation of poker, both on and offline, is expected to continue according to Richard Segal, CEO of PartyGaming – the world’s largest online poker operator for PartyPoker.2005 was a landmark year for online poker and the online gaming industry as a whole. This year saw three large London stock market flotations, generating revenues of around $3.5 billion (2 billion pounds). Moreover, poker games and books are now topping Christmas lists the world over.

At the fore of the online explosion is PartyGaming who are the dominant force in the industry. After a high-profile £4.6 billion flotation in June, the owner of PartyPoker and Starluck Casino saw its market value soar to over £7 billion.The dawning of 2006 promises more exciting – and likely profitable – prospects for PartyGaming with the launch of its new PartyCasino site to run alongside its existing Starluck Casino, as well as two new games.


‘There will be two new products next year… In the first half there will be a person-to-person skill game and in the second half there …

Sbobet Judi Bola Internasional



Kancah internasional dalam dunia judi kini sudah masuk dalam negara kita, judi berkelas dunia memang semenjak mampu aplikasinya didapat dengan sarana online membuat banyak sekali yang masuk, dan salah satu ajang judi bola yang paling fenomenal adanya dalam dunia judi bola salah satunya adalah Sbobet. Dimana memang meski hanya sebuah ajang judi bola namun peminat permainan ini terbukti amat sangat luar biasa di beberapa negara. Dan salah satu kancah perjudian satu ini kini di negara kita juga bisa dengan mudahnya ditemukan keberadaannya, bahkan sekelas sbobet internasional sudah banyak agen judi yang menyajikannya.


cewek 19Bagi anda memang yang mungkin tertarik mencoba keberadaan ajang judi Sbobet judi bola internasional ini salah satu agen judi situs poker online yang bisa anda pergunakan adalah agen Sukabet namanya. Provider Sbobet lengkap dengan layanan unggulan dan sudah resmi diakui dunia untuk bisa disajikan di negara kita aksesnya hanya di Sukabet ini. Anda gunakan agency satu ini tak hanya akan ada layanan pendaftaran pembuatan ID saja melainkan beberapa hal berkaitan dengan judi bola Sbobet juga akan disajikan demi membuat anda akan bisa memaksimalkkanya.


Hanya satu akses resmi di negara kita yang memang diakui sehingga anda tak perlu berfikiri panjang kalaupun ingin memainkan judi bola ini. Tinggal anda masuk daftarkan diri serta membayar sejumlah deposit untuk account maka ajang judi bola ini sudah bisa anda mainkan adanya. Sbobet judi unggulan dunia internasional sehingga sepakbola manapun akan bisa anda jumpai, maka dari itu banyaknya sepakbola manfaatkan dengan memainkan Sbobet maka sduah barang tentu anda akan bsia hasilkan sesuatu.


Layanan Agen Cepat Sbobet


Bagaimanapun juga pelayanan adalah salah satu kunci sukses dalam sebuah perusahaan jasa, dan hal itulah yang juga kmai lakukan di dalam layanan penjualan jasa membuatkan ID dalam anda mainkan kancah perjudian taruhan bola seperti Sbobet. Maklum jaman sekarang mayoritas memang agen hanya membuat layanan saja dengan atas nama agen namun justru hanya memburu hasil tanpa mengindahkan pelayanan terbaik bagi kalangan yang akan masuk dalam kancah judi Sbobet. Jelas akhirnya mereka akan meragukan keberadaan agen judi lainnya untuk digabungi nantinya di sarana online ini.


bola 61Dan diantara banyak agen yang berkembang, ada satu nama yang bisa anda coba maksimalkan karena sudah banyak yang menggunakannnya yaitu adalah agen Sukabet. Agen nomor satu di negara kita ini memang salah satu yang menjadi unggulan untuk pentas permainan taruhan bola Sbobet. Bahkan layanan agen cepat Sbobet dalam pembuatan ID ini membuat anda tak butuh waktu lama untuk dengan segera memainkan ajang judi bola SBobet. Hanya saja memang anda juga harus tahu kalau usia paling tidak membebani dalam daftar judi di agen ini karena kami menjamin sisi keamanan sehingga anda mungkin usia masih kurang 18 tahun tak akan kami layani adanya.


Selain layanan di atas yang sudah kami sajikan dan juga menarik dipahami, untuk menunjukkan bahwa agen ini dikelola dengan baik, agen ini tidak menyarankan judi yang tanpa kendali. Sebagai agen profesional agen ini selalu menyarankan judi yang bertanggung jawab. Meskipun mencari hiburan dan jenis hiburan merupakan hak perorangan namun kalau anda juga tahu resiko …

Mendapatkan Layanan Terbaik Dari Agen Judi



Agen Mickey Mouse yang akan memberitakan tentang mendapatkan layanan terbaik dari agen judi. Sebuah agen apapun pasti akan memberikan pelayanan yang akan memuaskan pelanggan. Apalagi jika agen tersebut merupakan sebuah agen yang menjual sebuah jasa. Agen judi online pun juga sama dengan agen agen yang lain, mereka berusaha memberikan sebuah pelayanan yang terbaik untuk kenyamanan pelanggan atau para pemain judi online. Memang para penjudi sekarang sudah berpindah untuk bermain judi online, oleh karena peminat di permainan ini pasti akan bertambah banyak. Bermain judi dengan cara online di dalam internet ini memang sebuah tempat yang sangat pas bagi para pecinta kegiatan judi yang ingin bisa mengembangkan bakat mereka di bidang perjudian.


Dari mulai waktu sekarang atau detik ini juga sudah waktunya anda berubah untuk melakukan kegiatan judi secara online ini. dengan cara online ini anda juga akan bisa mendapatkan layanan yang terbaik dari dalam sebuah agen judi yang sangat membantu anda di dalam melakukan kegiatan perjudian. Judi ala online ini memang membutuhkan sebuah perantara yaitu agen judi, agen ini memang memiliki peranan yang amat sangat penting bagi anda sehingga anda bisa melakukan kegiatan judi bola ini dengan lebih mudah. Banyak sekali layanan yang bisa di manfaatkan dari sebuah agen judi yang sudah di sediakan olah agen tersebut.


Anda tak akan merasa kecewa jika melakukan kegiatan judi jaman sekarang ini dengan melakukan judi melalui agen judi yang jika di jadikan sebagai perantara yang di lakukan dengan cara judi online di dalam internet. siapa yang ingin mencoba melakukan judi online maka akan menjadi pilihan yang sangat tepat bagi seseorang tersebut.


Tips Mendapat Bonus Di Permainan Judi Online poker online


Agen Mickey Mouse yang akan menyajikan berita tentang tips mendapat bonus di permainan judi online. Jika anda mempunyai tingkat keberuntungan yang besar, dan sering di pihak dewi fortuna, maka anda bisa mencoba keberuntungan anda tersebut di dalam permainan yang memang berhubungan langsung bermain permainan yang mengandung keberuntungan. Apa saja jenis permainan yang mengandalkan keberuntungan, salah satunya adalah jenis permainan judi online. Di alam permainan tersebut memang dibuthkan sebuah keberuntungan yang luar biasa. Jika anda suka dengan yang namanya perjudian maka anda bisa mencoba untuk segera bergabung dengan permainan judi yang memang sedikit banyak membutuhkan keberuntungan dalam memainkannya.


Dan jika anda juga memiliki pengalaman lebih dalam permainan yang anda inginkan maka anda juga memiliki kesempatan yang besar juga dalam mendapatkan kemenangan yang anda cari selama ini.Dan ini waktunya bagi anda untuk segera bergabung dengan permainan judi secara online karena anda akan mendapatkan peluang yang besar serta keuntungan yang menarik lainnya.Dan hal ini juga sudah membantu bagi para pemain bila bermain di taruhan bola secara online,hal ini ditujukan pada orang yang senang dengan pertandingan sepak bola.


Kalau memang anda suka dengan sepak bola maka ini merupakan kesempatan bagi anda untuk mendapatkan hasil yang memuaskan dari perjudian yang anda mainkan,selain itu anda juga akan mendapatkan keuntungan yang besar sehingga bisa merubah kehidupan anda dan mungkin baru anda sadari bahwa permainan judi online paling untuk dimainkan.



Figuring Out the Low Casino Extra



After playing poker for even a short time you may notice a series of Hi-Lo games.  Hi-Lo versions of any game are games where the best hand takes only half the pot, and the worst hand takes the other half.  The two most common forms of Casino Extra Hi-Lo are Omaha Hi-Lo and 7 card stud Hi-Lo.  In both these games the rules are exactly the same as their normal forms, except now the pot is split whenever a low hand is available.  In the most common versions of these games that means any five cards that do not make a pair, and have a worse value than a high card of nine (meaning the highest card in the hand can be an 8).


Why split the pot?  Well by having games where both good and bad hands can win, the number of cards that help someone at the table increases, and so does the action.  Hi-Lo games can lead to a lot of betting, a lot of random hands being played, and add a fun wrinkle into any poker game.  Many pros also swear these as the easiest games to build up a bank roll once you learn how to play them well, since so many players don’t.



There are two main methods in use for figuring out how to rank low hands.  One way is called the “deuce to seven” method (also nicknamed the “Kansas City” method).  If the deuce to seven method is being used, then the aces only count as high cards, not low, and straights and flushes do count as high hands.  The lowest hand possible using the Kansas City rules is 75432.  This is the less common of the two methods, and the least popular as it makes it much more difficult to make a low hand.


The most common way is to count an ace as a low, so it counts as a one, and to ignore straights and flushes.  In this way, a 5432A hand is the Casino Extra lowest possible.  This is by far and away the most common use of cards for low games.  The other thing to be aware of is where each game caps its low.  Many games only allow cards of eight or lower, which is why sometimes you may also see Omaha Hi-Lo referred to as Omaha 8 Hi-Lo.  This means any hand that would beat a high card of eight is not eligible for the low part of the pot.


These games can seem very confusing at first, and they take time to learn.  Don’t be afraid to watch games, or if at a casino, ask a dealer for assistance if you find yourself confused.  The most important part of playing these games are understanding how to find the low.


REMEMBER: Count the low from the highest card down, not lowest up.  For example: A2345 should actually be read 5432A for the low.  The other way is …