Different methods of skin whitening not the same as

Whitening to achieve the best results, the most fundamental thing is to look squarely at its own skin characteristics, only the “right medicine” in order “to cure our illness.”

Defects skin

To systematically use a full set of whitening products, from basic makeup water to the deep whitening whitening emulsion until moisture, the total investment in this ridicule their whitening war “going. Whitening Mask regular maintenance, will be whitening carried out in the end. whitening massage cream each week to do facial massage 2nd, will not only dilute the spot, but also skin metabolism. We should know that harvesting and always directly proportional to pay. You can also learn about “where can fillers be used on face“, click here

Bleak skin

Do not have the luxury to use a full set of skin care products for whitening products, as long as a painting in front of a good sunscreen, do not own exposure under the sun, Whitening Mask once a week, so stubborn metabolites of melanin completely out, you will find themselves away from the snow like the skin of the standard getting closer and closer.

Oily skin

Selection of oil-free whitening products, such as whitening emulsion, whitening and other cosmetic solution can not only provide nutrients, but also to improve the skin secretion of oils and fats, would not co-existence Simmel.

Dry skin

This skin is a freckle, black spot of high-risk groups, inadvertently was flawed accounting territories. Moisture for you is a heavy emphasis on the issue of regulation of skin moisture balance to skin metabolism in normal, to avoid pigmentation. At night use whitening night cream or whitening fluid is to allow the skin to fully absorb nutrition, will be brilliant.

Whitening not only start from the skin surface, but also should be resolved through diet, adequate intake of some nutrients, to do things within custody. Vitamin C can inhibit the formation of pigment, and it is not the body’s own synthesis, not only so that there are still possible because of depression, smoking and reduce the adverse factors, they must be active intake of vitamin C. In addition, regular facial mask, integrated care have helped to improve the whitening effect.
The five dry parts each of break in winter
You always suffer from dry? In winter, the ambient temperature, humidity lower, skin water is not easy, dry, it is particularly felt by the threat of water shortages, and rough texture, sallow complexion, loose texture. What is to take care of properly? To make tighten sense of itching disappeared.

◎ eyes dry

One to feel the afternoon filled with bloodshot eyes, eyes itch, unconsciously rubbed my eyes would like to think that eyes have run into the feeling of sand and easy to shed tears.

◎ lips chapped

The need to keep rubbing lips lip balm, lip balm left on the body feel insecure.

◎ face dry

Finished face feel tight cheeks that it is very difficult to speak, a support force, the fine lines cheeks the whole run out.

◎ hands dry

Hand skin wrinkles increased, the palm of your hand inside the fingerprint change clear, white lines appear, gradually water will run into a peeling.

◎ feet dry

The soles of the feet followed by thickening of the skin continuously harden slowly cracking patterns emerged, the skin becomes thinner soles wrinkles appear.