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The U.S. Federal Reserve announced on October 11 that it would continue to ease the economy by buying Treasury bills at a minimum of $60 billion per month over the next two months. Although the purchasing rate can fluctuate between 0% and 5%, the central bank anticipates that the easing plan will last at least until Q2 2020. Jerome Powell, Fed chair, and his partners stressed that they don’t want media to label the purchasing plan as another QE.


The Fed approves the purchase of $60 billion worth of Treasury Securities each month, but don’t call it QE


On Friday, the Fed informed the media that it will continue to purchase large amounts of securities to stimulate the U.S. economic recovery. This follows two interest rate reductions and the printing last month of $128 billion. The Fed also repurchased Treasury securities at specific repo agents. This new printing scheme will add $60 billion to the monthly cost of the Fed’s Treasury securities repurchases from specific repo agents. However, the buying will continue until the second quarter 2020. The central bank stated that the number and timing of planned purchases for November would be announced every ninth month. Along with large-scale repurchase agreements, the $60 billion per month will be used to pay for Treasury bills. Since 2012, the New York Fed branch has managed the repos. This will continue until 2019. Since 2012, when the Fed printed approximately $85 billion per monthly in Treasury securities, this Fed branch has not purchased them. Check out more about Charity Coin


The Fed plans to inject $60 billion per month into the economy


Fed chair Jerome Powell.


The central bank used to call the process quantitative ease (QE) back then. This is the act of buying large-scale assets to support the economy’s faltering. Powell and his staff insist on telling the media that current easing isn’t another QE program, even though the Fed is buying assets on a large scale. Because the central bank only purchases Treasury bills, and not other assets such as bonds or mortgages, the Fed wants the public believe that. President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Neel Kashkari stated that there is no change in the Fed’s policy stance. He explained that the Fed’s current method of easing gives it a lot of flexibility.


The Fed and other central banks cannot solve the problems they created


Many economists think the Fed’s latest round easing tactics is very similar to QE. Others believe that the central bank’s schemes can be dangerous. Author at Mises Institute Daniel Lacalle recently described how devastating the monetary easing/repo crisis is for the economy. Lacalle’s essay explains that repo lending spikes in the Fed are not common, but that normalization takes many days. Lacalle claims that it is even more extraordinary to see the Federal Reserve need to inject hundreds upon billions of dollars in just a few days in order to …

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Users who have been visiting the darknet market Berlusconi Market claim that it has been down for more than 2 weeks. Many suspect that market administrators have fled with all funds, leading to speculation about the cause of the outage. Some speculate that Berlusconi Market was hacked and that government agents are responsible. There is no indication of the underground market returning to online any time soon. Check out more about Charity Coin


Exit Scam, or Bust? As Berlusconi Market’s Lights Flicker, Speculation grows


In the past few years, darknet market (DNM) participants realized that DNMs are not always reliable. The DNM community believed that Alphabay was an exit scam when it went offline during the first week in July 2017. Alphabay was in fact taken down by global law enforcement. However, no one knew Alphabay was being seized as the authorities were busy operating undercover the Hansa market. Although things were somewhat stable for a while with Dream taking the reins for a while the DNM took the reins for April. DNM participants have noticed the lights flickering in their favorite markets more recently, with Wall Street Market going out of business and last month’s Dread outage. Berlusconi Market is the next to fall, as the DNM has been reportedly offline from September 22.


Berlusconi Admins Vanish — Darknet Users Rush for Alternatives




Berlusconi Market (BM), vendors and customers have been looking for new markets and avenues on forums. BM, which has over 300,000 users, is one of the most widely used DNMs in existence after the DNM shakeups. A lot of people think that BM admins were scammed and ran off with vendor deposits. Vendors are required to make a minimum purchase in order to sell their product. Escrow also holds customer deposits.


Berlusconi Administrators Vanish — Darknet Users Rush for Alternatives states that BM is “partially upgraded” and adds: “Berlusconi has had captcha problems since yesterday. The market isn’t accessible to users. DDoS attacks in the past have caused the same problem for the market. We are trying contact Berlusconi admin. However, users commenting do not seem to believe that BM will be coming back. One person asked: “How can someone trust a marketplace again if BM is able to do this?” Another individual claimed they lost contact and were scammed out of a few hundred dollars. A BM vendor was angry that he paid $250 to be a vendor and that he was forced to compete with spammers and stupid ads.…