The 5 P’s of Cheri Casino Poker



Today you will learn the important 5 P’s pf poker. They are Patience, Perseverance, Psychology, Position, and Practice. What makes these words important is what they really mean in the game of poker. This I will explain below.



Patience –

In the game of poker you must have patience to win Cheri Casino. You have to wait for good hands to play, If you don’t have patience and you play every single hand you can be assured that you will not be a winning player. You need to wait for good hands, wait and make the right moves, and wait to make the right bets.



Perseverance –

This is very important in poker. You cannot give up, and you must always play your best game. If you hit a loosing streak and get beat with bad cards or bad play you cannot give in and start playing bad hands and making bad moves. Do not give in to tilt.



Psychology –

Poker is a people game played with cards, not a card game played with people. You must always be thinking about the other players. How have they played in the past? Why would they make that bet? What do they think I have? Always try to get inside the other players head, try and put yourself in their position to figure out what they have.



Position –

Always be aware of your position on the Cheri Casino table. Be aware of other players positions. You get to choose the cards you play and when you play them. In early position only play very best hands. Is someone who acts after you raise almost every hand? Maybe you need to play tighter with him on the table.



Practice –


To be a winning poker play you have to play….a lot. The more you play the more experience you will have. You must also keep up on poker strategy. Read poker books and then read them again.