Independent Dominoqq Game Publisher Flourishes after Retail Software Boutique Opening:

FuQuay-Varina, NC, USA August 22, GarageDeveloper Internationalis pleased to announce the successful opening of it’s retail software boutique/internet surfing shop after it’s 3 month test operation.

In conjunction with it’s companion site, The CyberSpace Surf Shop


The publisher’s store serves as their initial distribution point for the label’s CDRom series and published entertainment titles in addition to serving as a physical distribution resource for the independent game development community. The shop offers a “Hi-Speed Web Surfing” service utilizing state of the art equipment. “We are very pleased with the resulting turnout, along with responses and feedback about our offerings and services available to consumers and developers…..,” they noted.


Included among their core offerings are software developer product distribution services through their retail store, consumer digital goods availability, featured software product exposure services(ie; free shelf space for independent game developers), and publishing services.

“Our successful opening has put us in a unique position among independent publishers, whereby having a physical store front allows us to manufacture and distribute our product line and offerings directly to customers ourselves.” they stated, “The opening of our store enhances our role as a central resource for independent software developers and consumers,” they stated

and then added; “We have additional components and mechanisms in place which will serve to better accommodate developer issues regarding exposure for their software products. We now act as the glue between hard to fin independent Dominoqq games and consumers who desire them at our establishment.”, they added.


They also stated that ongoing expansion efforts featuring more contemporary and innovative services are planned for implementation in the very near future are in the works. Among them are expansion of their product line to include general software applications, establishing major retail distribution relationships for their CDRom products, and expansion into other areas of creative media. to debut at Global Gaming Expo 2002 in Las Vegas


Aspen, Colorado, August 28, 2002 — The time has arrived. ONE WORLD-ONE LOTTERY. The window of opportunity to introduce the world’s richest lottery has opened. is the concept inspired by Internet technology and the global appetite for lottery gaming. Representatives of will be attending the Global Gaming Expo, September 17-20 in Las Vegas. founder Jordan Gerberg commented, “The time is right for uniting a world without boundaries while combining the excitement created by colossal jackpots with the global humanitarian benefits of a worldwide lottery”.


What’s in a name? The exceptional marketing advantage of the domain name will provide a distinctive superiority, which in part, will propel to the forefront as the premier Internet lottery operation. As Gerberg explained; “The global population with a demand for lottery gaming is growing exponentially. Weekly jackpots will eventually surpass the $Billion-dollar benchmark”. will begin selling tickets in 2003. members have traded over 3.5 million contracts since March 2002.

TradeSports Exchange, the new person-to-person sports trading exchange located in Dublin Ireland has traded over 3.5 million …

Winning Texas Hold’Em Strategy – Playing the First Two Cards in Dominoqq



“You’ve got to know when to hold’em, know when to fold ‘em,” sang Kenny Rogers in his hit song The Gambler. While this is true at every phase of Texas Hold’em, it is especially important after the deal of the first two cards. Any two cards can win, but if you play the first two cards all the time, they won’t win often enough to make you money. You must set standards for yourself with regard to the first two cards. If your goal is to win money, you must be very selective about which hands you are going to play. Your object is to win lots of money with your monster hands, and to lose the absolute minimum with poor hands. No doubt luck plays a part in your success. You can be a terrible player and yet have a session where everything goes your way and you end up a big winner, but in the long run skilled players come out winners and poor players losers. It’s a blend of skill and luck that will serve you best, so spend time developing skill.


Before discussing the actual hands consider the importance of position. The dealer always acts last (except for the first round) and there are four betting rounds compared to two for draw poker. This situation makes late betting positions in Texas Hold’em highly advantageous and puts early positions at a severe disadvantage. If you call or bet in early position, you are open to a raise or raises behind you, and the earlier your position, the higher the risk of this happening. So recommended starting standards for early positions are much tighter than for later positions. In a nutshell not only are your cards important, but also your position is important. Playing after other players have acted is a great advantage.


Know your position. With nine players at the table, the three to the immediate left of the dealer are in early position; the next three are in middle position; and the two to the right of the dealer and the dealer himself are in late position. Make adjustments if less than nine are playing.


In early position only play when you hold the very best hands. Here are some guidelines for playing the first two cards. These are not hard and fast rules carved in stone. Even the Dominoqq experts don’t agree so this list is based on the recommendations of a number of authors. Play pairs of aces through pairs of sevens. Play same suit (suited): aces with a king, queen, jack, ten or nine; king with a queen, or jack; queen with a jack; and jack-ten. Different suits (unsuited): ace with a king or queen; and king with a queen.


In middle position add the following hands: Pairs: add sixes and fives: Suited: play ace and any other card; king and any card eight or higher; add queen-ten; jack-nine; ten-nine and nine-eight. Unsuited: add ace-jack; ace-ten; …