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How can you resist? You can’t, so set aside this Wednesday night for FOX’s special, “Celebrity Boxing” featuring a “Partridge Family” alumnus against one of the “Brady Bunch”, Tonya Harding, Queen of the Ice Scandals, vs Paula Jones, member of the Clinton Accuser Posse, and washed up rapper Vanilla Ice vs a Mystery Opponent. And if that’s not special enough, Intertops.com is offering odds on all the bouts. Realizing the immense appeal of such match ups, Intertops quickly created several betting options for the online gambler.

In the battle of the former sitcom child stars, The Partridge Family’s Danny Bonaduce faces Brady Bunch’s Barry Williams with Bonaduce the favorite at 2/5. Williams’ chances are currently listed at 7/4. In the match of the scandal queens, the notorious Tonya Harding is the 1/5 favorite with Paula Jones at 3/1. And despite not knowing who Vanilla Ice will fight, Intertops picks the Mystery Opponent to win with odds at 7/20. How embarrassing is that?

Intertops chief bet manager, Michael Marz says he’s offering these betting options because the bouts are all legitimate matches and “putting former celebrities in a ring together to trade punches makes for one of the most entertaining specials to ever air on television.”

Entertaining indeed. As long as someone checks Tonya Harding’s gloves before the match and the referee doesn’t let Vanilla Ice dance around too much.

“Celebrity Boxing” airs Wednesday, March 13, at 9pm EST on FOX.

Hey Max, Can I go to jail for gambling online? – Judd

Short Answer: You’re more likely to win the lottery.

Details: Only one American has ever gone to jail over criminal charges relating to Internet gambling. That unlucky fellow is Jay Cohen, owner of the World Sports Exchange online sportsbook.

In March 28, 2000 Cohen was convicted in a New York federal court for one count of conspiracy and seven counts of violating the Interstate Wire Act of 1961. Cohen was sentenced to 21 months in prison, two years of supervised release, a special assessment of $800, and a fine of $5,000. He is currently free on bond.

Keep in mind, though, that Cohen was the OWNER of the sportsbook – a bookie – and not a PLAYER. To my knowledge, no player has ever faced charges for gambling online. You can read more about Cohen’s plight here.

Hey Max, What’s better, Java or Flash?

Short Answer: They’re both good.

Details: Back in the old days (circa 1998), you had to download a program application if you wanted to gamble at an online casino. But Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya casino operators soon discovered that some people didn’t like waiting to download a big file, and others weren’t comfortable installing the software on their computers.

So the operators developed “instant-play” casinos using Java and Flash technology. I’ve gambled at both Java and Flash casinos and, frankly, don’t see a whole lot of difference — except that Flash graphics tend to look a little slicker, especially on slots.

The Java …