I knew I was slot hoki sunk.

Sure enough, he turned up T8 for top two pair. After the turn didn’t bring one of my suit, I was left with only four outs, none of which came.
Though the mistake didn’t hurt me financially, it didn’t alter my mental state a bit. I’d just damaged my tight reputation and looked foolish in front of G-Rob. I’d made a very loose, over-aggressive play and it cost me.
Strangely enough, though, it didn’t hurt that badly. In the end, I’d altered my table image to my advantage. Players started making loose calls against slot hoki me and eventually I made back everything I’d pissed away plus about another $100.
I knew the session was coming to a close for me when a bunch of youngsters sat down and started jawing at each other. Strangely enough, -EV sat down next to me and it took us about 15 minutes to figure out who each other was. His girlfriend was with him, though, so we didn’t get to talk too much.
Finally, I stood up, collected my winnings, and headed out to lose them.
I’d forgotten that my luck had started turning and I was about to head into the land of good wins and even greater stories.
Sherwood Forest, Pt. 2
I had a plan. Since I had not been able to sleep for days, I decided the only way to sleep was to…well, drink.
As such, the next few hours are bit of a blur. I know I played cards for a while and ended up back at the Pai Gow tables, where a guy sat down and won a bonus on his first hand. I was back to the cocktails in full force, knowing that I wasn’t going to be playing poker again for a few hours, unless I couldn’t sleep.
Most everybody else was fairly dead after a long day of football and cards. CJ left to go home. It left me and G-Rob playing single deck blackjack for $25 a hand at around four in the morning.
We broke even and when the deck went cold, we decided we too would turn in.
But after getting to the room, we decided we needed one more drink before we would rest well.
“Irish car bomb,” one of us said.
“Irish car bomb,” the other answered.
And so back we went to the scene of the crime. Sherwood Forest.
We made quick friends with Cantina the Bartendress. She was quite a talker and realized quickly that we were ill-equipped. We ordered a beer in preparation for the car bomb. You gotta prepare, you know.
We looked around and discovered we were surrounded by cowboys and hookers. The Nationl Finals Rodeo had ended that day and everybody was looking for one final ride.
After we reminded Cantina how to make a car bomb, she fixed us up and we proceeded to drop our shots into the beer. As G-Rob started to down his, I dropped my shot, missing the …