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What is your favorite bingo venue? Your local bingo hall? One of the online bingo rooms? Or even a church, perhaps? Whatever it is, all of them are considered to be the usual places for playing bingo. But if you would have to name the most exciting places where you have played or would like to play bingo, what would they be?


The Bingo Musical


When we tried to search for the most exotic and unusual places that hosted bingo games, we came up with some very interesting results. The first one to draw our attention was the Bingo Musical – a music bingo game where players have to cross-out the names of the artists and songs that they hear instead of numbers. The latest Bingo Musical took place at the London’s Royal National theater and had faced great success. The idea was first introduced by the Bring & Share DYI disco in London back in 2007 and spread all through out the country.


Since then musical bingo was played in pubs, theaters, music and art festivals and of course at the Bring & Share DYI disco. Fun, amusing and catchy – these are the words that best describe musical bingo games. Listening to the most popular pop and rock tunes while having bingo fun is definitely something every bingo fan should try. And the fact that the game takes place somewhere outside your home or the local bingo hall makes it an even more exiting event.


However, if you still prefer the comfort of your own home over some public venue, you might actually turn it into something exciting and gain some special bingo experience. Music bingo might as well be a home entertainment activity which is sure to result a great evening for you and your friends. Making musical bingo cards is no more difficult than the regular ones and making up a playlist of the songs for the game on your computer or a stereo device simply sounds fun. Moreover, it’s even better if you or your friends have some music skills and would be able to perform the extracts of the songs live.


One way or another, at home or at a theater Bingo Musical is the game that is sure to bring entertainment to the audience. Music just gives something special to bingo, something that makes it a whole different and improved phenomenon. Or could it be vice versa?


Skydiving Bingo


Another intriguing bingo venue is the sky. Yes, that’s right – the sky! And we’re not talking about the popular online bingo site Sky Bingo. No, we’re talking about people jumping out of the airplanes with parachutes and trying to land on one of the marked areas. Those who want to play skydiving bingo have to choose one or more areas on which they think the skydivers would land and if they guess right – bingo! the prize money goes to the lucky winner.


Skydiving bingo is a popular charity fundraiser event when the money collected during the game are donated to some honorable cause like fighting cancer or helping homeless animals. Fun, totally extreme and definitely exciting – that’s skydiving bingo.


The Most Exiting Bingo Venues


So here you go – some of the most exciting bingo venues where the most unusual bingo games are played. Should it be a bar, a disco, a theater, an outdoors music festival, a golf course, a baseball field or some other place that does not look like a bingo venue at all. However, bingo fans from all over the world have proved that the game casino en ligne can be played almost anywhere at anytime. Not to mention the fact that bingo can also be a drinking game at a bar. The number one venue for such an entertainment is The Milky Way Lounge, Boston USA.