Thriller sbobet (in Maniller?)

The lovely bride had a look of deep concern. We’d opened all the presents under the tree and, without me even noticing, I’d never unwrapped her gift to me. She looked under the Frasier Fir. She crawled behind the couch. She lifted the chair, and had that moment of discovery. I knew the present rocked.
The last time I was this excited about a present, I’d just opened Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. I stopped opening the rest of my stuff and sprinted up to the turntable in my room. I called my best friend, also named Michael, and he’d gotten the record too.
I came (THIS) close to calling Otis about my sbobet NANO. It’s damn cool folks. Damn. Cool.
I was just that excited on my last night in Vegas. I’d won at every no limit sesson and had huge nights on Friday and Saturday. I walked away from a massive win streak eager to tell everyone, at great length, about my play….but people who are running bad aren’t always eager to hear about someone else’s luck. That’s what it was, after all, I’m the worst player in the world.
The first NL session was right after I arrived. I came straight to the Excalibur from the airport. The last shuttle, at least the last for some time, was just about to pull away and was totally full. I remembered some great advice from Dr. Pauly and gave the driver a $20 to let me stand…and hit the Excalibur first. He was happy to play along, though I almost fell out the damn door on the Las Vegas Strip.
The Excalibur, if you’ve never been there, has a poker room wedged between the bathrooms and the Star Wars slots. It smells like a million burning Marlboros, with the smokers rail just inches from the outer tables and the room itself has that dirty dust covered effect with a threadbare maroon carpet and dealers aged well past perfection. It makes the whole “Middle Ages” motiff that much more real. Think Tower of London.
I suppose the folks had done that whole “Storming the Castle” thing. They were all there en masse. I sat with a few folks at a 2-6 spread game and lost about half my stack. As bad as I am at all forms of poker….I am far worse at limit hold-em. At the lowest limits it negates my agressive style. I then sat at a $200NL game right along the rail closest to the bathrooms. After 2 hours of play, I was up $40. Then The Mark passed out on the felt and I had to head back to the IP. That was my worst NL session of the trip.
I’ve played in 3 games since we got back home. I’ve lost every time. At the Monday night “big game” I lost 1.5 buyins. Both times I went in with the better hand.
On Wednesday, during a $40 tourney, I managed to bluff my entire stack into the second nuts. I had 3 pair. It lost.
On Thursday, I fell back 3 buyins before catching back up to even. Then I played 3 handed until the wee hours with BadBlood and Teddy Ballgame. Teddy crushed us both. I went home broke.
As I told BadBlood last night, yes we talked about poker on Christmas Day, I’m really struggling with those losses. I made much more than enough in Vegas to cover the money and I’m not worried about that. I’m also happy to contribute to anything that cements my reputation as a horrible player. That can only pay off….eventually. (For now, I still DO suck at poker). What bothers me most is I’ve been losing because I’ve played poor poker. I’ve bluffed too often. I’ve misread opponents and applied the worng strategy in the wrong places.
For the past month or so BadBlood’s been losing too. But he’s MOSTLY played well during that time. He can write it off to variance. I have only myself to blame. That sucks.
Let me just say : I can’t post one of the most embarrasing stories from the Vegas trip. Catch me online sometime and I’ll fill you in. Even the porn slappers were shocked by my…um….hanging out.
We’d played at the Aladdin for hours. Several bloggers joined me in a $100 tourney there which, as the worst player ever, I busted out of rather quickly. I found a seat at a no-limit game with Otis, CJ, Gamecock, and Dr. Jeff and we tilted the universe. Actually, I tilted the universe. They played pretty good poker. I took a few bad beats. Still, I finished up about a half a buyin.
The real magic was at MGM.
It’s easily my favorite room. The dealers are good for the most part and the beer babes are well appointed. Plus, the players are easily the worst on the planet.
At my first table, I sat to Russ Fox’s left. There was one VERY aggressive player to his right and another loose agressive in the 9 seat. At one point, with 2 seats open two cowboys, who obviously knew each other, sat down. The game was $1/$2 NL. One cowboy bought in for $60, the other for $80. Both went all-in on the first hand they saw. Both went broke…got up…and walked away.
I was sitting at the airport bar in Atlanta with a guy who worked for an international engineering group that has a lot of federal business. He said he was just returning from Alaska.
“Why Alaska?” I asked.
“Because they said I could work on systems in Iraq for 3 months, or a remote missle base in Alaska for 6,” he answered, “I chose Alaska”
Life is all about choices.