Why free Bingo and Togel Hongkong?



When talking about online Bingo, you may hear players claiming that Bingo is very easy to start. They are very right. Bingo is easy to start in two ways. Most bingo sites are user friendly, with simple navigation. The sign up process will not take you long, so after several lines filled you will be welcomed to any game you like. Moreover, online Bingo is very easy to start as there are several reasons to. Bingo is fun, exciting and enjoyable. Any person can try to play Bingo and he’ll see that it’s not that hard and complicated. Once you play bingo online you are likely to continue.


Players believe that there is a great advantage of online bingo – a chance to play its free versions. You might think that playing free Bingo is a sheer waste of time but you won’t be right. Most great players and various winners got their start playing the free version of online Bingo. They were invented for players to experience different kinds of this game, gain more skills and learn to win playing Bingo.


That’s it! Learn to play and learn to be winners. Even though free bingo sites do not offer any alluring jackpots or prizes, thousands of players still head for free Bingo. To my mind it’s rather wise to figure out several ways of getting the upper hand when you have nothing to lose. When you get to play real Bingo you’ll feel confident about your Togel Hongkong actions, which is a great step on the way to a huge jackpot.


Online bingo rooms


What are online bingo rooms? If you ask any bingo player he will answer that bingo rooms are place of fun! A great many free bingo games and those played for cash are located there. You can also find big bingo jackpots there that you have a chance to win! But those rooms are not only about gaming; they are also about communicating with other players. For this purpose online chats go along with the rooms.


You may also come across online bingo rooms designed in 3D in order to look like real rooms. However it’s not often that you play in such rooms – usually online bingo sites keep the format of ordinary screen games with chat windows. Chat windows are located on the left hand side while the main bingo board is on the top. A player’s cards appear in the center of the screen. As for the right hand side, there you will find some extra information you might need in the process of gaming.


Now some information on the various bingo rooms. There are some rooms for players with little experience. Generally speaking, they need to learn to play bingo so bets and jackpots are lower in those rooms. But there are rooms for pro bingo players whose aim is to win as bigger jackpot as possible and they are ready for a …

Winning Texas Hold’Em Strategy – Playing the First Two Cards in Dominoqq



“You’ve got to know when to hold’em, know when to fold ‘em,” sang Kenny Rogers in his hit song The Gambler. While this is true at every phase of Texas Hold’em, it is especially important after the deal of the first two cards. Any two cards can win, but if you play the first two cards all the time, they won’t win often enough to make you money. You must set standards for yourself with regard to the first two cards. If your goal is to win money, you must be very selective about which hands you are going to play. Your object is to win lots of money with your monster hands, and to lose the absolute minimum with poor hands. No doubt luck plays a part in your success. You can be a terrible player and yet have a session where everything goes your way and you end up a big winner, but in the long run skilled players come out winners and poor players losers. It’s a blend of skill and luck that will serve you best, so spend time developing skill.


Before discussing the actual hands consider the importance of position. The dealer always acts last (except for the first round) and there are four betting rounds compared to two for draw poker. This situation makes late betting positions in Texas Hold’em highly advantageous and puts early positions at a severe disadvantage. If you call or bet in early position, you are open to a raise or raises behind you, and the earlier your position, the higher the risk of this happening. So recommended starting standards for early positions are much tighter than for later positions. In a nutshell not only are your cards important, but also your position is important. Playing after other players have acted is a great advantage.


Know your position. With nine players at the table, the three to the immediate left of the dealer are in early position; the next three are in middle position; and the two to the right of the dealer and the dealer himself are in late position. Make adjustments if less than nine are playing.


In early position only play when you hold the very best hands. Here are some guidelines for playing the first two cards. These are not hard and fast rules carved in stone. Even the Dominoqq experts don’t agree so this list is based on the recommendations of a number of authors. Play pairs of aces through pairs of sevens. Play same suit (suited): aces with a king, queen, jack, ten or nine; king with a queen, or jack; queen with a jack; and jack-ten. Different suits (unsuited): ace with a king or queen; and king with a queen.


In middle position add the following hands: Pairs: add sixes and fives: Suited: play ace and any other card; king and any card eight or higher; add queen-ten; jack-nine; ten-nine and nine-eight. Unsuited: add ace-jack; ace-ten; …

Tom Dwan Not Having a Fantastic Togel Hongkong 2009.



Tom Dwan, also known as the infamous “Durrr” on Full Tilt Poker, is not exactly having the most stellar start to his new year – especially on the virtual felt.


After making his “heads-up challenge to the world” at the beginning of 2009, Dwan has literally had to eat his own words on the high stakes tables this year, and is paying the cost dearly via his bankroll.


You may ask yourself, “just how down is Dwan right about now? ”


Well, “down” to the tone of just over $3 million in the first 3 weeks of this year – which is more than HALF of his total profit for all of 2008!


Whether its just variance taking its toll on the young phenom or just ego getting a bit of a karma wake-up call, this is certainly not the way “Durrr” had imagined he would be running in the cash games he once owned throughout the latter part of 2008.


It’ll be very interesting to see how much he’ll be able to hold up after he answers the takers of his aforementioned heads-up challenge.  I’m sure Patrik Antonious and Phil Ivey are itching to get a piece of the “kid” while he’s in a massive downswing.


Bodog Releases New Mac Poker Client!


Bodog Poker, one of the industry leaders in recent years in the sportsbook and casino sector, has really been making strong efforts to bulk up their software in another important part of their operation: the poker room.


The site has been making great strides in the playability and graphics department, completely overhauling their poker software recently to really match up with the big boys in the online poker world. With its current setup, Bodog makes it super easy to multi-table, and has endless customizations in regards to how your table looks and setting up different avatars and buddy notes.


In addition to that, they just added a new Mac-friendly software client to their already-packed arsenal of poker goodies. Right now, new and existing Togel Hongkong players can go directly to the Bodog Life website and click on the “Instant Play” feature that allows all Mac users to play right through their browser and not ever needing to download the regular software. This makes finding and opening up tables easy as ever and so far there haven’t been many complaints whatsoever as far as lag or dull graphics go.


Check out our Bodog Poker review today to see what all the fuss is about get on board already if you’re using a Mac computer! The process is simple to setup and access, and the best part is, you don’t have to download anything. You just need to have Java installed and you’ll be good to go. However, in case you do feel the need to have the actual downloadable version of Bodog on your Mac, you always have the available options of running a PC Emulator …

Soccer Shoes: A Stylish Kick to Buy 2022 Calendars



The soccer shoes, known also as soccer boots are a very important part of the uniform and the game. As player’s costumes have changed so much since the early days of the game, soccer boots have been through surprisingly few design changes in the last seventy years. The evolution of boot development has been a conflict between protection from the climate and injury; against the freedom of limb movement to perform better. The improvement of the player’s fitness has had a positive spin on soccer shoe development but these changes surprisingly appear to be more stylistic than anything else. As soccer has become more glamorous the look has become more important than the desire to play better or decrease injury rates. It appears from the published literature there have been more injuries caused by soccer shoe innovations than appear to be resolved by new designs to shoot for Buy 2022 Calendars.


In the early years, soccer shoes were generally black and with higher cuts than the ones used today. The design evolutions of the shoes have become part of the game and as much an important item as the shorts or socks and almost as popular as the jerseys. Players use special and customized soccer shoes made especially for them. The more significant changes to the shoes were that in the modern days the cut is lower, the color has changed. The shoes have become more comfortable and pretty much lighter than the old ones.


The old shoes were made out of leather with wooden cleats and leather soles. The newer soccer shoes are made out of leather or synthetic material, plastic or rubber soles and the cleats can be plastic, rubber, aluminum and even rubber or plastic and with the end made out of aluminum. Some of the soccer shoes have changed the place of the laces and put them on the side of the shoes and some don’t even have laces anymore. It is said that the change in the laces was so you could kick with more accuracy. Players and soccer shoe manufacturers also use the shoes for marketing purposes, with special edition shoes, different color shoes, even autographed shoes. There are infinite different colors for soccer shoes. From plain black to golden with special details, or with, two, three even four colors combined. Comfort is a very important issue for the soccer shoes. A pair of uncomfortable soccer shoes can cause serious blistering. Usually new soccer shoes need to be broken in so that they adapt to the format of the foot to prevent the blisters.


However, with new technologies, comfort is constantly improving and eventually one will be able to put a new pair of soccer shoes on, play a game and not have any blisters. Even though the design of the soccer shoes hasn’t changed much in the last seventy years, the design is quite different from the first soccer shoes. Technology has changed the feel of the …

Mengenal Sejarah Judi di Togel Dunia



Hampir semua orang tau judi, tapi tidak semua nya tau dan Mengenal Sejarah Judi di Dunia dan dari mana permainan judi berasal. Dalam Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia kata judi berarti, permainan yang menggunakan uang atau barang berharga lainnya sebagai taruhannya,  contoh :


Di dalam kelas terjadi perkelahian antara si A dan si B, orang yang ada dan melihat dalam kelas tersebut melakukan kesepakatan dengan tamannya yang lain, siapa di antara A dan B yang akan memenangkan perkelahian tersebut, dan yang tebakannya benar akan mendapatkan hadiah yang telah di sepakati tadi.


Jadi hampir semua permainan / hal apapun dapat di jadikan Objek berjudi. Permainan judi yang ada sekarang ini berasal dari berbagai negara dan merupakan hasil dari percampuran dan penyederhanaan.


Negara China merupakan penyumbang permainan Togel Keno (keno adalah cikal bakal dari permainan lotere/togel), Poker juga salah satu permainan yang berasal dari China dulu bernama Pai Gouw. Bangsa Eropa juga ikut menyumbangkan permainan judi seperti Craps, Baccarat, Roulette, dan Black Jack.


Judi di kelompokan menjadi empat macam jenis, yaitu :




Lotere, Lotto, Porkas, Togel dan sebagainya dimana permainannya hanya memilih nomor tertentu. Judi ini merupakan judi masal yang dapat dimainkan dan  diikuti oleh jutaan orang.





Untuk judi ini biasanya dikaitkan dengan analisa maupun pengetahuan dari sipenjudi:  misalnya balapan kuda, anjing, sambung ayam, boxing, sepak bola dan permainan olahraga lainnya.


Manusia vs Manusia


Judi yang di lakukan antara penjudi satu dengan yang lain, bias di lakukan 2 orang / lebih. Contoh : Domino, Poker, Dadu dll.


Manusia vs Mesin


Judi yang di lakukan antara orang dengan mesin. Contoh : Jackpot, Slot, Mikey Mouse, Dingdong dll.


Demikian ringkasan dan penjelasan dari saya tentang Mengenal Sejarah Judi di Dunia, semoga bisa bermanfaat dan menambah pengetahuan umum anda semua. Mohon share artikel ini ke teman-teman yang lain jika di rasa bermanfaat. Terima Kasih salam Indo Betting Info.


Cara Aman Taruhan Judi Kartu PKV Poker Domino Qiu Qiu Online



Dalam memainkan taruhan Domino Qiu Qiu secara online, anda hanya butuh ketepatan waktu saja. Karena banyak kalah bermain bukan karena anda kurang paham, akan tetapi bisa jadi anda tidak bermain di waktu yang tepat. Banyak bettor handal yang hingga kini mendulang kesuksesan bermain. Untuk itu postingan yang kami berikan ini setidaknya membantu anda menang taruhan.


Selain anda harus memperhatikan waktu bermain, anda juga perlu bermain Domino Qiu Qiu dengan cara aman. Karena yang pasti faktor inilah yang nantinya membuat permainan anda jadi lebih baik kedepannya. Dan yang selanjutnya anda tinggal terapkan dan jalankan saja cara aman yang ada di pembahasan di bawah ini.


  1. Pastikan bergabung dengan situs resmi


Cara aman yang pertama so pasti anda harus bergabung dengan situs resmi. Karena bermain Domino Qiu Qiu di agen yang salah akan membuat anda kalah terus dan rugi besar. Jadi sebaiknya anda harus cermati cara ini agar anda bisa menang taruhan sesuai rencana awal.


  1. Memilih satu macam permainan


Cara aman yang kedua ini yaitu anda harus memilih satu macam permainan. Karena bermain di situs resmi anda tak hanya bisa memainkan Domino Qiu Qiu saja, melainkan banyak permainan yang bisa anda mainkan. Setidaknya anda PKV Poker sudah menguasai permainan yang anda pilih secara matang agar anda menang terus berikutnya.


  1. Gunakan modal seadanya


Cara aman yang ketiga adalah dengan menggunakan modal seadanya saja. Jadi jangan paksakan bermain di taruhan tinggi jika modal anda pas – pasan. Sebab mental anda akan hancur bila anda teruskan cara ini. Sebaiknya anda cari saja meja kecil karena disana banyak bettor amatir yang bisa anda kalahkan.


  1. Mainkan taktik


Dan cara aman yang terakhir yaitu selalu bermain di banyak posisi meja. Tak apalah jika anda pertaruhkan dana minimal 10 ribu asal anda lakukan terus cara ini. Sebab kedepannya anda akan menemukan kemudahan bermain dan pasti akan menang banyak.


Trik Menang Bermain Judi Kartu Ceme Online


Ajang taruhan judi uang asli saat ini banyak anda temukan di bandar judi apalagi saat ini tersedia secara online. Katakan saja anda ingin bermain judi ceme online. Pastinya anda tak usah datang langsung ke agen judi darat karena hal itu sangat berbahaya. Sebaiknya anda bermain saja di agen online karena disana akan aman dan juga banyak trik menang yang bisa anda temukan dan pahami.


Yang pasti bermain ceme online di internet harus lebih teliti karena saat ini banyak juga agen yang masih belum resmi dan terpercaya. Untuk itu anda butuh yang namanya referensi agen agar anda tahu mana agen yang harus anda pilih sebagai bandar. Jika anda ingin menang taruhan ceme online, sebaiknya anda ikuti saja trik yang ada di bawah ini.


Trik Menang Terus Main Judi Ceme Online


  1. Trik yang pertama yaitu anda perlu mencari agen online yang sudah resmi dan terpercaya. Paling tidak di dalamnya sudah menampung jutaan bettor. Nah, hal ini memang harus anda pahami mengingat anda bermain tidak mau kalah. Sebaiknya dari sekarang anda cari saja agen resmi tersebut lalu daftarkan diri anda sebagai

Major VC-Backed South Korean Exchange Launches Ripple Support for Crypto Gambling



Korbit, one of the three leading South Korean bitcoin exchanges alongside Bithumb and Coinone, has officially integrated support for Ripple trading.


In an email to its customers and traders, the Korbit team wrote:




Over the past three years, Korbit secured $3.6 million in investment from South Korea’s most prominent investment firms and conglomerates including the $17 billion telecommunications giant SK Telecom, the South Korean arm of the Japanese investment company Softbank, and billionaire angel investor Tim Draper.


Although Korbit currently falls behind Coinhumb in terms of user base and market capitalization, it has a significant influence over the South Korean bitcoin industry and exchange market due to its strong line up of investors and supporters. Thus, the validation of Ripple by the Korbit team is likely to trigger a rise in demand toward Ripple in the South Korean exchange market, which already is the second and third largest market in the global Ethereum and Bitcoin exchange markets.


On May 11, Koji Higashi, the project leader of ORB and co-founder of IndieSquare, released an analytical blog post entitled “New wave of Japanese investors are fueling the great altcoin bubble.” In it, Higashi explicitly described the explosive growth of Ripple in the Japanese exchange market and his concerns over the decision of casual and beginner traders to invest in altcoins such as Ripple and NEM without obtaining actual knowledge in the purpose, structure and philosophy of the abovementioned altcoins.


Higashi emphasized that the vast majority of traders are relying on exchanges’ chatrooms to receive investment advice, which he describe as unreliable. Higashi’s description of Japanese and South Korean investment and exchange chatrooms is rather accurate, as last year, many traders advised bitcoin users to sell the digital currency because Apple was developing its own cryptocurrency with advanced technology.


Quite evidently, anyone with the slightest understanding of cryptography and the structure of cryptocurrencies would understand that there exists many components such as hash power that are necessary for a cryptocurrency to evolve, which cannot be replicated overnight by companies like Apple, regardless of the resources they may have.


“Another thing to note about this new trend is that the general lack of understanding or appreciation of the technology by many of new users. This is no surprise and all of us have been there at one point but the new wave of Japanese investors seem to be exhibiting a whole new level of incomprehension and misguided decision making in my opinion. Many of them don’t bother researching what those coins do nor what they are useful for but rather follow whatever they hear in exchanges’ chatrooms,” said Higashi.


Expounding upon Higashi’s concern, Korbit’s justification behind their decision to add Ripple trading and …

Taruhan Bola – Newcastle keluaran hk sepakat harga Bafetimbi Gomis



Tawaran Newcastle untuk striker Prancis telah diterima klub, dan komplikasi pembayaran diharapkan rampung dalam dua hari.


Newcastle United telah menyepakati harga striker Olympique Lyon, Bafetimbi Gomis, seperti pengakuan presiden klub Jean-Michel Aulas. Pemain 27 tahun, yang menyisakan satu tahun kontrak, sebelumnya batal bertemu Aulas akhir Juli lalu untuk mendiskusikan masa depannya.


Manajer Alan Pardes pun mempublikasikan keinginannya memboyong Gomis dan meski mencemaskan gaji sang pemain, klub kini telah sepakat dengan nilai transfer yang mencapai €10 juta.


“Kami sepakat dengan tawaran Newcastle senilai €8 juta ditambah €2 juta bonus. Klub telah datang untuk menerima klaim gaji pemain,” ungkap Aulas kepada Le Journal du Dimanche.


“Sekarang yang tertinggal mengenai biaya agen. Saya memahami masalah jumlah dan pembayaran. Semoga itu akan selesai dalam 24 atau 48 jam.”.


Taruhan Bola – Totti ingin kontraknya diperpanjang


Rencana perpanjangan kontrak Francesco Totti yang pernah disampaikan kubu AS Roma rupanya belum terealisasi. Karena dianggap berlarut-larut, Totti yang kontraknya berakhir pada Juni tahun depan akhirnya berang dan ia pun mendesak manajemen I Lupi untuk segera menyelesaikan proses perpanjangan masa kerjanya.


“Ini adalah tahun dimana kontrak saya akan berakhir. Ini bagai lelucon atau bahkan seperti main-main,” ungkapnya seperti yang dilansir ESPN.


Kendati kesal, Totti rupanya tetap keluaran hk tak ingin pergi dari klub asal ibukota Italia tersebut. Ia rela menolak rayuan klub lain agar bisa mendapat kontrak baru dari klub yang telah dibelanya sejak 1989 lalu. “Saya tak membenci klub, tapi itu akan terjadi jika saya memiliki kontrak selama dua atau tiga tahun.”


“Jika saya baik secara fisik, maka saya akan terus bermain. Saya memiliki perjalanan karier yang bagus. Tapi seiring berjalannya waktu, banyak hal yang terjadi dengan cepat. Saya akan selalu jadi penggemar Roma dan mengenakan seragam ini adalah ambisi saya. Saya telah menunjukkan loyalitas dan saya tinggal di sini karena cinta serta gairah pada klub,” paparnya lebih jelas.


Selain membahas kontraknya, Totti juga menyerukan agar rekan setimnya, Daniele De Rossi tetap bertahan di Roma. Sejauh ini, De Rossi masih terus dikaitkan dengan klub besar Eropa seperti Chelsea, Paris Saint Germain, dan Real Madrid.


“Saya berharap bahwa Daniele akhirnya melakukan apa yang saya lakukan. Dia adalah pemain kunci bagi kami, pemain top yang dapat mengubah setiap pertandingan,” ucap pemain yang dijuluki pangeran Roma ini.


Turkey Parliament Approves Togel Hongkong Gambling Legislation



Intralot said that the Turkish Parliament had approved legislation to preserve the contract its unit Inteltek has to run the fixed odds betting game Iddaa in partnership with the state betting organisation Spor Toto.


The Greek gaming firm said the legislation, which has yet to be approved by the President of the Turkish Republic, preserves Intelteck’s existing contract until a new tender process is launched.


An analyst said that with even under the worst case scenario, Intralot will not lose its business in Turkey for at least two and half years.


SBG Global announced Loyalty Rewards Program


It’s finally here! For the loyalty and trust all players have given SBG Global through the years, SBG Global is proud to announce that their Loyalty Rewards Program will officially launch on Thursday, March 1st 2007.


All SBG Global Clients that place a wager in the sportsbook , play in the casino or bet on horses will receive Loyalty Reward Points to be later redeemed for CASH!


For more information on the Loyalty Program, please click here.


Please also remember that the annual $500,000 Madness of March – King of the Hill Contest is right around the corner. All active clients will receive one FREE entry into this exciting contest!


The contest is simple, before the tournament starts – completely fill out the online tourney bracket at SBG Global with all of your choices or fax us your entry. Once that is complete; call up your friends, watch the Madness of March unfold and WIN your share of $500,000 in prizes only with SBG Global!


For more information on the Madness of March, please check Togel Hongkong 


We thank you again for your continued loyalty and look forward to providing you with the best online gaming experience in the future.


Macau Grand Lisboa Casino Hotel Opens


The new Grand  Lisboa Macau Casino Hotel opened to the public on Feb. 11, 2007 still under the ownership of Macau casino hotel mogul, Dr. Stanley Ho.


The Grand Lisboa is Macau’s tallest building with 52 storeys, after the Macau Tower, and in phase two, it will open a 430 room hotel.


“Grand Lisboa will offer our guests a truly memorable and unique experience. Stylistically, a daring and contemporary entertainment attraction, it remains true to our history and heritage within the Macau market, while reflecting the progressive direction of the organisation,” explains Dr. Ho, who is also the Managing Director of Sociedade de Jogos de Macau.


On Friday, February 16, Dr. Ho hosted the official opening ceremony for the Grand Lisboa. The spacious, contemporary Chinese style  Grand Lisboa Casino is set to become the new top attraction for Macau visitors and residents alike with its bold, elegant architectural design and rich array of entertainment facilities.


Featuring nine floors of leisure adventures, the Grand Lisboa offers five floors of gaming with over 240 tables where guests can enjoy a variety …

Mobile Casino App or Mobile Casino



Mobile phone technology is galloping at lightning speed and providing users with more and more useful content options. Gone are the days when your mobile phone was just used to make calls. Join the now generation and try your luck using the brand new All Slots casino app or at a mobile casino.


Mobile Casino Games Are Smaller;

Mobile Jackpots Are Full Size

A Mobile casino allows you to play your favourite casino games right on your mobile phone. The mobile casino games are the same as the games at online casinos, only smaller. Blackjack, roulette, keno, slots: all these favourite casino games and more can be played at a mobile casino. And the mobile jackpots are just as good as the online jackpots. One lucky player in the UK won 20,000 British pounds with a royal flush in Mobile Jacks or Better at Wild Jack mobile casino. A Mobile casino will even offer progressive jackpot games like Major Millions and Fruit Fiesta, with exactly the same huge and ever-increasing jackpots as the online versions. It is now possible to win a million dollars or more playing mobile casino games while hanging around waiting for the train.


For players looking for an Australian mobile casino experience there are a growing number of up and coming sites with the same game selection and better odds of winning.


Mobile Casino Origins Togel Hongkong


The concept of a mobile casino developed as an offspring of established online casinos. Wild Jack Mobile Casino, for example, was released in 2006 by Wild Jack, a well-known online casino since 1999. This makes sense, since the online casinos already had the customer base, customer support teams, and other infrastructure needed to open the brand new mobile casino venture. All that was needed was the technology to adapt the games to mobile phones. For this, they teamed with new hi-tech companies like Spin3 to develop casino gaming technology compatible with a wide range of mobile phone devices. And now that smart phones are supplanting regular mobile phones, sites like iphonegamesportal.com are filling the gap with much-needed information.


What is the Future of the Mobile Casino?

There is no doubt that the mobile casino represents the wave of the future. The mobile phone, once considered a luxury item, is now ubiquitous in all countries on all continents. And a lot of those mobile phone owners want to do more with their phones than just talk. By 2016 there will be 1.4 mobile devices per capita. There will be over 10 billion mobile-connected devices in 2016, including machine-to-machine (M2M) modules-exceeding the world’s population at that time (7.3 billion). (Cisco). And everyone knows the law of supply and demand. As more and more consumers desire to play mobile games, more and more mobile casinos will appear to provide what the consumers want. Take for example sports betting. This kind of gambling happens in a fast-paced, minute by minute manner. Now you can get live …

Onseils de casino en ligne – Joka Casino



Trouver le tournoi de poker adapté à chaque joueur selon ses besoins individuels est souvent difficile pour les nouveaux joueurs. Commencez par repérer des événements au « buy-in » bas et découvrez celui qui vous plaît le plus, que votre préférence aille aux bounty, aux shootouts, aux tables simples, aux turbos, aux rebuy ou à une autre variante de tournoi de poker. Vous aurez également besoin de trouver un bon site. Consultez notre tableau et découvrez les meilleurs.


Beaucoup de joueurs se tournent vers le poker sur internet pour jouer à des tournois de poker en ligne parce qu’il y a beaucoup des cagnottes garanties. Il y a également une énorme quantité de tournois satellites en ligne qui alimentent des compétitions plus importantes, à la fois en ligne ou en direct, donc il existe beaucoup d’opportunités pour les joueurs participants. Cependant, seulement certains sites ont beaucoup à offrir en termes de qualité. Pour cette raison, il est important de trouver la bonne salle de poker en ligne.



Tournois de poker en direct


Certains des plus gros événements satellites proposés par les salles de poker en ligne sont des tournois qui permettent à des joueurs d’accéder à des tournois de poker en direct. Ces évènements sont généralement gigantesques et proposent un grand nombre de cagnottes garanties, le plus connu étant le WSOP (World Series of Poker). Les tournois de poker en direct sont très excitants et animés, et selon les personnes y participant, il se peut que beaucoup de fans soient aux premières loges pour acclamer Joka Casino leur joueurs préférés. Ces évènements ont lieu dans des casinos de Las Vegas ou dans d’autres casinos plus exotiques situés un peu partout dans le monde. Il existe également des très petits tournois de poker accueillis par des casinos partout dans le monde, tous les jours.


Comment participer


Si vous ne l’avez jamais fait auparavant, vous êtes peut-être intimidé à l’idée de participer à un tournoi. Ce n’est pas aussi difficile que vous pouvez le penser, et il suffit de quelques clics pour y parvenir. Tout d’abord, rendez vous sur l’accueil des tournois du logiciel que vous utilisez. Choisissez celui que vous voulez tout d’abord essayer et commencez avec un « buy-in » bas.


Si l’évènement a lieu directement, foncez et cliquez sur la touche « s’inscrire » qui vous réservera un siège au début de la compétition. Si elle a lieu à une date ultérieure, vous pouvez parfois vous pré-enregistrer, mais n’oubliez pas de revenir pour être présent au début.