New I-Gaming Judi Slot Online Law Resource Published

  1. LOUIS, Mo., USA — The River City Group is pleased to announce its distribution of the newly published Chapman Law Review book, which contains some fresh scholarly work on gaming law, particularly as it relates to interactive gaming.


“We’re pleased to assist the Chapman University School of Law in distributing its gaming law volume of the Chapman Law Review,” said Sue Schneider, CEO of The River City Group. “This book is a great resource on I-gaming legal issues related to sports betting, debt collection, regulation, taxation and money laundering.”


Mark Schopper, Editor-in-Chief of the Law Review, added, “In our view, this fast growing segment of the gaming industry has a need for scholarly and innovative thinking. Accordingly, our goal for this publication is to provide a valuable legal resource for elected officials, judges, scholars, lawyers, business people and other decision makers interested in this subject.”


Toward that end, Chapman Law Review assembled a stellar body of established legal writers, including Tony Cabot, Joseph Kelly, Tom Bell, Cory Aronovitz and Frank Catania. In addition, two Chapman Law Review editors added comments on taxation and money laundering in examples of fresh thoughts and innovative perspectives.


The Chapman Law Review is an excellent adjunct to the newly released Internet Gambling Report V, which was published in May by The River City Group. This “must have” legal resource for the interactive gaming industry is a compilation of articles from over 33 internationally renowned authors who are experts in the industry.


IGW Releases Horse Betting Software


MIAMI — Global Entertainment Holdings/Equities, Inc. (OTCBB:GAMM; announced today that its subsidiary, Interactive Gaming & Wagering (IGW), has released versatile, new horse betting software. IGW rolled out a successful release to its client site located at earlier last month.


The horse betting market handle at North American tracks is estimated to be worth $20 billion. IGW’s new system enables gaming operators to accept bets from players on a non-pari-mutuel system. On average, online sportsbooks hold about 30% of the total handle, which represents a significant revenue opportunity for licensees of IGW software.


“Interactive Gaming & Wagering developed this software in response to market needs both externally and internally,” stated Bryan Abboud, President of IGW. “The online gaming market is witnessing a tremendous demand for horse wagering and our current licensees requested the opportunity to grow their business in this area.”


The IGW software system offers a myriad of Judi Slot Online betting options — from standard bets to Trifecta, Quinella, and Superfecta, which equates to more fun for players and increased revenue potential for operators. Currently there are no other non-pari-mutuel online horse betting systems that offer Pick 3 and Pick 6 wager types, which means IGW is first-to-market in this area.


The newly released horse betting software compliments IGW’s suite of online gaming software systems, which includes Java casino software and an online Sportsbook software that powers some of the industry’s most successful wagering sites. IGW …

Why free Bingo and Togel Hongkong?



When talking about online Bingo, you may hear players claiming that Bingo is very easy to start. They are very right. Bingo is easy to start in two ways. Most bingo sites are user friendly, with simple navigation. The sign up process will not take you long, so after several lines filled you will be welcomed to any game you like. Moreover, online Bingo is very easy to start as there are several reasons to. Bingo is fun, exciting and enjoyable. Any person can try to play Bingo and he’ll see that it’s not that hard and complicated. Once you play bingo online you are likely to continue.


Players believe that there is a great advantage of online bingo – a chance to play its free versions. You might think that playing free Bingo is a sheer waste of time but you won’t be right. Most great players and various winners got their start playing the free version of online Bingo. They were invented for players to experience different kinds of this game, gain more skills and learn to win playing Bingo.


That’s it! Learn to play and learn to be winners. Even though free bingo sites do not offer any alluring jackpots or prizes, thousands of players still head for free Bingo. To my mind it’s rather wise to figure out several ways of getting the upper hand when you have nothing to lose. When you get to play real Bingo you’ll feel confident about your Togel Hongkong actions, which is a great step on the way to a huge jackpot.


Online bingo rooms


What are online bingo rooms? If you ask any bingo player he will answer that bingo rooms are place of fun! A great many free bingo games and those played for cash are located there. You can also find big bingo jackpots there that you have a chance to win! But those rooms are not only about gaming; they are also about communicating with other players. For this purpose online chats go along with the rooms.


You may also come across online bingo rooms designed in 3D in order to look like real rooms. However it’s not often that you play in such rooms – usually online bingo sites keep the format of ordinary screen games with chat windows. Chat windows are located on the left hand side while the main bingo board is on the top. A player’s cards appear in the center of the screen. As for the right hand side, there you will find some extra information you might need in the process of gaming.


Now some information on the various bingo rooms. There are some rooms for players with little experience. Generally speaking, they need to learn to play bingo so bets and jackpots are lower in those rooms. But there are rooms for pro bingo players whose aim is to win as bigger jackpot as possible and they are ready for a …

Winning Texas Hold’Em Strategy – Playing the First Two Cards in Dominoqq



“You’ve got to know when to hold’em, know when to fold ‘em,” sang Kenny Rogers in his hit song The Gambler. While this is true at every phase of Texas Hold’em, it is especially important after the deal of the first two cards. Any two cards can win, but if you play the first two cards all the time, they won’t win often enough to make you money. You must set standards for yourself with regard to the first two cards. If your goal is to win money, you must be very selective about which hands you are going to play. Your object is to win lots of money with your monster hands, and to lose the absolute minimum with poor hands. No doubt luck plays a part in your success. You can be a terrible player and yet have a session where everything goes your way and you end up a big winner, but in the long run skilled players come out winners and poor players losers. It’s a blend of skill and luck that will serve you best, so spend time developing skill.


Before discussing the actual hands consider the importance of position. The dealer always acts last (except for the first round) and there are four betting rounds compared to two for draw poker. This situation makes late betting positions in Texas Hold’em highly advantageous and puts early positions at a severe disadvantage. If you call or bet in early position, you are open to a raise or raises behind you, and the earlier your position, the higher the risk of this happening. So recommended starting standards for early positions are much tighter than for later positions. In a nutshell not only are your cards important, but also your position is important. Playing after other players have acted is a great advantage.


Know your position. With nine players at the table, the three to the immediate left of the dealer are in early position; the next three are in middle position; and the two to the right of the dealer and the dealer himself are in late position. Make adjustments if less than nine are playing.


In early position only play when you hold the very best hands. Here are some guidelines for playing the first two cards. These are not hard and fast rules carved in stone. Even the Dominoqq experts don’t agree so this list is based on the recommendations of a number of authors. Play pairs of aces through pairs of sevens. Play same suit (suited): aces with a king, queen, jack, ten or nine; king with a queen, or jack; queen with a jack; and jack-ten. Different suits (unsuited): ace with a king or queen; and king with a queen.


In middle position add the following hands: Pairs: add sixes and fives: Suited: play ace and any other card; king and any card eight or higher; add queen-ten; jack-nine; ten-nine and nine-eight. Unsuited: add ace-jack; ace-ten; …

togel hongkong Event 11 Recap

Event 11 finally came to an end after about a day and a half of play. This event was a no limit Hold ‘Em tourney with a $530 buy in and $30 fee, and was pretty generous in the prize pool. $3 million was guaranteed for the pool, and it was added to before the beginning by some extra players signing up, bringing the pool to a whopping $3,109,500.
Surprisingly enough, the big names were bounced early before people could even consider talking about cash—Greg Raymer and Moneymaker were out before the 900 and less cash cutoff. Even event host Vicky Coren didn’t make it to day two and left the tournament in 580th place winning just $1,026.1.
When day two started there were just 214 players left of the original 6,219. Leading the way was player togel hongkong with 1.3 million+ chips. The other players rounding out the top ten dropped early in the second day, and when the final table was set in Level 39, CONOW wasn’t far from the top:
Seat 1: Juancesan with 6,367,644 in chips
Seat 2: CONOW with 5,385,645 in chips
Seat 3: aaaaaaaa with 11,465,030 in chips
Seat 4: colonelkosta with 8,717,052 in chips
Seat 5: fabstinho with 9,934,493 in chips
Seat 6: kidwhowon with 2,212,841 in chips
Seat 7: GypsieChris with 5,626,806 in chips
Seat 8: Shazmeister with 2,513,180 in chips
Seat 9: hustla16 with 9,967,309 in chips
With blinds at 50,000/100,000 and the ante at 12,500, there were mostly small hands played until the final three. After a half hour of deliberation, an agreement was come to for their prize money based on chip count: hustla16 would win $386,533.73 since he had the bulk of the chips with just over 47 million, colonelkosta settled for $355,000 and Juancesan took home $270,000. Each player agreed that $60,000 would be left for the winner of the tournament.
Five hands later colonelkosta went all in with a pair of kings, but hustla16 bumped him with two pair kings and sixes. Less than ten hands later, hustla16 was crowned the champion after beating Juancesan with ace high. Hustla16 took the additional $60,000 set aside for the winner to their prize money total to $446,533.73.
Sumpas Wins 2009 WCOOP Event #10
Do you remember Men In Black? Specifially, when Will Smith asked the officer why the lot were summoned, the officer replied: “Well, because you are the best of the best of the best!” This expression truly applies to last night’s event, the 2009 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker event #10: $10,300 High Rollers.
Why so many superlatives? Well, take a gander at some of tonight’s players, which inluded Skilled_Sox, Iftarii, Stevie444, busto_soon, JC Alvarado, LadyMaverick, Money800, JoeHachem, Peter Eastgate, apestyles, pearljammer, Deldar182, SirWatts, shaundeeb, ElkY, ZeeJustin, t soprano, Roothlus, p3achy_keen, stevejpa, Enassigned, AJKHoosier1, SCTrojans. A truly veritable smorgasboard of online poker’s who’s who. This tournament was extremely deepstacked and had very slow moving blinds, and the final table bubble alone lasted more than an …

Different methods of skin whitening not the same as

Whitening to achieve the best results, the most fundamental thing is to look squarely at its own skin characteristics, only the “right medicine” in order “to cure our illness.”

Defects skin

To systematically use a full set of whitening products, from basic makeup water to the deep whitening whitening emulsion until moisture, the total investment in this ridicule their whitening war “going. Whitening Mask regular maintenance, will be whitening carried out in the end. whitening massage cream each week to do facial massage 2nd, will not only dilute the spot, but also skin metabolism. We should know that harvesting and always directly proportional to pay. You can also learn about “where can fillers be used on face“, click here

Bleak skin

Do not have the luxury to use a full set of skin care products for whitening products, as long as a painting in front of a good sunscreen, do not own exposure under the sun, Whitening Mask once a week, so stubborn metabolites of melanin completely out, you will find themselves away from the snow like the skin of the standard getting closer and closer.

Oily skin

Selection of oil-free whitening products, such as whitening emulsion, whitening and other cosmetic solution can not only provide nutrients, but also to improve the skin secretion of oils and fats, would not co-existence Simmel.

Dry skin

This skin is a freckle, black spot of high-risk groups, inadvertently was flawed accounting territories. Moisture for you is a heavy emphasis on the issue of regulation of skin moisture balance to skin metabolism in normal, to avoid pigmentation. At night use whitening night cream or whitening fluid is to allow the skin to fully absorb nutrition, will be brilliant.

Whitening not only start from the skin surface, but also should be resolved through diet, adequate intake of some nutrients, to do things within custody. Vitamin C can inhibit the formation of pigment, and it is not the body’s own synthesis, not only so that there are still possible because of depression, smoking and reduce the adverse factors, they must be active intake of vitamin C. In addition, regular facial mask, integrated care have helped to improve the whitening effect.
The five dry parts each of break in winter
You always suffer from dry? In winter, the ambient temperature, humidity lower, skin water is not easy, dry, it is particularly felt by the threat of water shortages, and rough texture, sallow complexion, loose texture. What is to take care of properly? To make tighten sense of itching disappeared.

◎ eyes dry

One to feel the afternoon filled with bloodshot eyes, eyes itch, unconsciously rubbed my eyes would like to think that eyes have run into the feeling of sand and easy to shed tears.

◎ lips chapped

The need to keep rubbing lips lip balm, lip balm left on the body feel insecure.

◎ face dry

Finished face feel tight cheeks that it is very difficult to speak, a support force, the fine lines …

The High Stakes Rail – 3/29/10-4/4/10

Phil Ivey and durrrr lit up the nosebleed stakes last week by winning $288,594 and $144,172, respectively. They are even featured in one of the three biggest pots of the week. ZeeJustin, Brian Townsend, and Daniel “KidPoker” Negreanu were the biggest losers losing $222,166, $152,619, and $122,796, respectively. The three biggest pots of the week were all played at Full Tilt crypto gambling $500/$1000 pot-limit Omaha tables. This week’s High Stakes Rail will feature hands between durrrr, Phil Ivey, and Ziigmund.

Last week’s biggest pot was between Ziigmund and Tom “durrrr” Dwan with effective stacks at $211,460 with Ziigmund having Dwan covered. Ziigmund began by raising on the button to $3,000. Durrrr three-bet to $9,000 with Ts9s7c6h. The flop came Jh5h4s with $18,000 in the pot giving durrrr an open-ended straight draw. Durrrr checked and Ziigmund fired a $13,000 bet into the pot which durrrr called. The 6s turn gave durrrr additional outs to a higher straight (it also gave him second-pair). The pot was $44,000 on the turn when durrrr check-called a pot-sized bet from Ziigmund. The 8d river gave durrrr the ten-high straight. He got the rest of his $145,460 stack into the $132,000 pot when Ziigmund made a pot-sized bet and durrrr raised for the rest of his stack. Durrrr took the mammoth $422,920 pot and Ziigmund mucked his cards.

The next largest pot was played during the same session between durrrr and Ziigmund. Ziigmund was in position again and raised to $3,000. Durrrr called with AcQs7c4c. The flop came Qh4h2c with the pot at $6,000 giving durrrr top-pair, top-kicker. He check-called Ziigmund’s pot-sized bet and saw the Ah turn give him two-pair, but leave three hearts on the flop. He check-called Ziigmund’s pot-sized $18,000 bet and hit the As river hard. The As gave him a full house. He check-raised Ziigmund’s pot-sized $54,000 bet and put Ziigmund all-in. Ziigmund called and saw the bad news. He mucked his hand and durrrr won the $265,043 pot.

Phil Ivey went head-to-head against durrrr in a late session Sunday night with $97,996 effective stacks with durrrr having Ivey covered. On the button, Ivey raised to $3,000 with AsAhTc7c and durrrr three-bet to $9,000 with QcTh9c8s. Ivey four-bet to $27,000 and durrrr flatted out of position. The 8h5d3c flop gave durrrr top-pair, queen-kicker but Ivey still had him beat with his overpair. Durrrr donked a $54,000 pot-sized bet and Ivey got his stack all-in. durrrr called and saw he was beat. The 7d turn gave durrrr outs to a straight but the 2d totally missed durrrr and Ivey took the $195,993 pot.

It was an interesting week at the High Stakes Rail. It will be interesting to see the online play after Isildur1’s appearance at PartyPoker’s Big Game IV. Please visit next week for another update of the High Stakes Rail.…

Daniel keluar sgp Wins First Ever Fairways and Felts Tournament

All poker enthusiasts will know that the European keluar sgp Poker Tour stopped in Vilamoura last week, given the players a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery and play some cards in Portugal’s largest ever poker tournament. A much less well-known event was also taking place in conjunction with the official stop, namely PokerStars Fairways and Felts, the first ever mixed golf/poker tournament. Daniel Negreanu proved that he knew his way around the golf course almost as well as he does around a poker table, taking down the whole event.
Fairways and Felts is the first event of its kind, and if you’re anything like me then when you first heard about it you probably thought it sounded even more ridiculous than Chess boxing and had no idea how it could work. As it turns out, it’s pretty simple and actually quite a neat idea.

The contestants are randomly split off into teams and make their way around the golf course, each member of the team having a go at each shot then the team decides whose ball they’d like to play from. At the commencement of the poker, bonus chips are then added to the stacks of the teams’ members that perform the best in the golf, with bonus chips also being awarded to individuals who achieve feats such as the longest drive. In this way, your performance in the golf directly gives you an advantage – or disadvantage – in the poker.

Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu is heralded as one of the best players in the world today. He has four World Series of Poker bracelets, was ESPN, WPT and CardPlayer Player of the Year in 2004 and has made numerous television appearances on popular poker shows. In fact, for most of you reading this Negreanu may well be most famous for his presence – and appalling luck – on High Stakes Poker, where he is frequently heard discussing golf with other pros at the table.

The Fairways and Felts event boasted an €1,100 buy-in, split between tournament and green fees and the contribution to the prizepool itself. Somewhat disappointingly only fourteen people turned up on the day to compete, but the event was never really about winning big money as much as it was a nice relaxing couple of days in a beautiful spot in the world and, of course, the bragging rights.

Despite the relatively small turn-out, there were obviously some big poker names but also some very proficient golfers, not least of all Scandinavian players Tom Larsen and Eddie Tasbas boasting very impressive 0.5 and 0 handicaps, respectively. While Daniel Negreanu’s team didn’t end up winning the golf event, they did well enough to earn him 2,500 additional starting chips as the poker kicked off, and from there it was hard to slow the poker great down, who took down the tournament earning himself a modest €8,000.

While the turnout could have been larger, there’s no doubt that it was a great day had by …

togel hongkong hari ini Hand Signals

Some of you play your blackjack online and never intend to take your skills to a casino, but I recommend that everyone, at least once in your life, visit a casino and play the game there. No matter how great the online casino is idman Azərbaycan, no website can recreate the experience of playing blackjack inside a brick and mortar casino. If you do visit a land-based casino, though, there are some things you need to know. One of the most important things that is present in brick and mortar casinos but not online is the use of hand signals.

When playing blackjack in casinos, hand signals are required to protect the integrity of the game. The “eye in the sky” (those cameras above the casino floor that watch everything) capture your every move on the floor, including at the blackjack table.

By observing hand signals, security can tell every decision that you made when playing blackjack. This is important for several reasons. First of all, a dispute may arise between you and the dealer about whether you said to hit or stand. If there were no hand signals, in theory a player could ask to hit, bust, and then complain that he told the dealer to stand. Without video evidence of the hand signal, it’s the player’s word against the dealer. The hand signal protects against a dishonest or mistaken player as well as a dishonest or mistaken dealer. If you give the hand signal to stand and the dealer mistakenly gives you a card, causing you to bust, you can appeal and the eye in the sky can save you. In addition, the eye in the sky can also be used to catch card counters and players and dealers engaging in collusion.

Here are the hand signals you need to know when playing togel hongkong hari ini in a casino:

If you want to hit, there are two possible hand signals. If you are holding your cards, you scrape the cards against the table. If the cards are sitting face-up on the table, you should either touch a finger to the table or wave your hand toward yourself.

To stand, slide the cards under your bet if you are holding the cards. If the cards are sitting face-up on the table, indicate that you want to stand by waving your hand horizontally.

If you want to double down on your bet, place additional chips (equal to your original bet) next to your original bet but still within the betting box. Do not put the chips on top of the original bet.

If you want to split a pair, place additional chips next to the original bet but outside the betting box.

There is no signal for a surrender, so if the casino allows surrender and you want to do it, simply verbalize it. Likewise there is no signal for accepting insurance. These are the only decisions you can make that do not have an accompanied hand signal.…

Review of How to Beat the Dog Races

With a house take often in excess of 20%, beating the track is a daunting task, even for a skilled race handicapper. A lot of factors can affect a given race, and the techniques used for handicapping one race on one track at one point in time may not work at all somewhere else or even at the same track at a later time. Adapting to these variables is difficult, and even if one has some success, a great deal of data must be amassed before a true trend can be established. In How to Beat the Dog Races, long time track veteran Bill McBride tries to suggest some methods by which the reader can learn to win by betting on the dog races.

McBride generally assumes that the reader has at least a passing familiarity with the dog races. The book does not start with a basic introductory chapter. Racing/Betting terms, such as “Exacta” and “Schooling Race” are defined in a fine glossary at the end of the book, but they are not always defined when they are first used in the text. Therefore, someone who is new to dog racing may want to spend some time around the track or find some way to become familiar with the terminology before starting in on this book. Or, failing that, a novice may want to read the book’s glossary thoroughly before staring in on the main text.

The author spends several chapters talking about handicapping. While I am by no means a dog racing expert, it sounds to me like his general tone is pretty good. He categorically states that there’s no single magic way to gain a betting advantage at a track, and the methods that work at one track are by no means assured of making money at another. McBride advocates doing a lot of research before placing a wager, a philosophy I wholeheartedly agree with. He explains the data that one is likely to find in a racing program, and which data have, in his experience, tended to be good indicators of race performance and which haven’t. I believe his approach to generalized handicapping is probably pretty good.

Once a race has been handicapped, the projections need to be translated into mathematics and compared to the posted race odds. The author talks about bets that have a positive ROI (return on investment) and suggests researching a history of races where one would have had a positive ROI using a given set of variables. The reader is then instructed to bet similar races going forward. I’m not sure that’s enough, especially since the number of races that are likely to be meaningful are probably statistically small. I also don’t think that in the long term one can get a 30% edge over the track, as several of McBride’s ROI calculations would demonstrate. This is not to say that these aren’t profitable bets, it’s just that given a small sample size, we would expect that some winning bets to …

Dasar-dasar Perjudian Keluaran Hk

Perjudian adalah semua tentang matematika. Hukum probabilitas mendasari segala sesuatu yang terjadi. Kecuali Anda membawa permainan Anda ke tingkat ahli, seperti penghitungan kartu di blackjack, kemungkinannya hampir selalu melawan Anda. Pemain kasual akan memenangkan beberapa dan kehilangan beberapa tetapi semakin banyak jam yang dihabiskan untuk bermain, semakin besar kemungkinan kerugian total bersih.

Meskipun peluangnya hampir selalu bekerja melawan pemain, kabar baiknya adalah bahwa dengan bermain cerdas, pemain dapat mengurangi keunggulan rumah ke level yang sangat minimal. Misalnya pemain blackjack dek tunggal Las Vegas dapat berharap untuk kehilangan hanya 90 sen per jam bertaruh $5 per tangan (berdasarkan aturan dek tunggal dan 100 tangan per jam). Pemain dadu Tunica dapat membuat taruhan hingga $100 pada odds setelah taruhan garis lulus $5 dengan kerugian yang diharapkan hanya 7 sen per taruhan diselesaikan. Selanjutnya pemain bisa mendapatkan kamar, makanan, minuman, dan hiburan yang jauh melebihi kerugian yang diharapkannya. Setelah mempertimbangkan nilai perusahaan kasino, pemain dapat dengan mudah keluar di depan. Bagaimana kasino mampu melakukan ini? Mudah, karena sebagian besar pemain bermain bodoh dan meninggalkan banyak uang. Jika Anda bersedia meluangkan waktu untuk mempelajari cara memainkan strategi yang tepat, Anda akan membiarkan pemain jahat mensubsidi perusahaan gratis Anda dan perjudian hampir gratis.

Matematika Perjudian

Sebagian besar permainan kasino sangat cocok untuk analisis matematis. Hanya permainan dengan faktor manusia seperti poker dan taruhan olahraga yang menimbulkan masalah. Setiap permainan yang merupakan pemain melawan dealer Togel SGP dapat dianalisis dengan sempurna dipecah menjadi peluang. Dalam permainan ini hanya ada satu jawaban yang benar untuk pertanyaan strategis. Tidak ada area abu-abu atau masalah opini. Ya, terkadang dua sumber mungkin tidak setuju pada sebuah permainan atau nomor. Ini kadang-kadang karena kesalahan yang jujur, dan saya tidak mengklaim bahwa saya sempurna di bidang ini. Namun terkadang ketidaktahuan matematika sederhana menyebabkan ketidaksepakatan.

Terlepas dari upaya keras saya untuk menyajikan kepada Anda strategi terbaik untuk setiap permainan, saya mendorong Anda untuk mengerjakan matematika sebanyak yang Anda bisa sendiri. Menerima saran saya adalah satu hal, tetapi Anda akan merasa jauh lebih nyaman dan percaya diri jika Anda dapat mengatasi sendiri peluangnya. Buku pengantar apa pun tentang probabilitas harus menyediakan alat dasar untuk memahami peluang di balik permainan. Analisis permainan kasino dapat berkisar dari permainan yang sangat mudah seperti roulette dan dadu hingga yang sangat sulit seperti blackjack dan pai gow poker. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut tentang bagaimana peluang dihitung, saya mendorong Anda untuk mengunjungi lampiran di situs web saya di Di masa depan saya dapat menulis buku lain yang berfokus pada probabilitas dasar dan penerapannya pada perjudian kasino.

Keluaran Hk Money management

Apa yang saya katakan tentang pengelolaan uang dapat diringkas dalam satu kata, moderasi. Jangan bertaruh apa pun yang akan menempatkan Anda dalam situasi yang tidak nyaman untuk kalah. Berjudi hanya dengan uang yang biasanya Anda curahkan untuk hiburan. Jangan bermain lelah atau mabuk. Lakukan aktivitas lain selain berjudi.



Microgaming Launches Challenge Togel Hongkong Casino

Microgaming is pleased to announce the launch of their newest casino, Challenge Casino.

Challenge Casino is no newcomer to the industry, having previously used software supplied by Boss Media, a public company listed on the Swedish stock exchange.

This exciting new casino will feature 35 games in its launch phase, including the popular Microgaming progressive jackpot games.

The casino will be available in download or Flash versions, giving players a choice of format.

Guido Albi Marini of Challenge Casino commented, “Over the last couple of years, we have gaining a lot of experience in the gaming industry. It became clear to us that we needed to move both our game offering and back office management tools to the next level.

“After reviewing our alternatives, Microgaming’s online gaming systems emerged as the clear ‘first choice’ in the industry.”

Police Investigate Kahnawake Casinos

Quebec provincial police are currently investigating the online casinos on the Kahnawake First Nations reserve to see if they fall within the boundaries of the law.

The goal of the investigation is to determine whether the casinos being operated on the reserve, which is located just outside Montreal, are illegal and should be shut down or if the province needs to rewrite existing gambling statutes to address the issue.

Current legislation does not explicitly prohibit with online wagering, but provincial authorities maintain that any gaming facility that is not officially licensed is illegal.

“The only one who has the right to operate a casino in Quebec is the government,” said Francois Moisan, spokesman for Quebec’s alcohol, racing and Togel Hongkong gaming board. “Others, such as religious groups and charities, can get licenses but our mandate is to control the licensing.”

As previously reported on WINNERonline, Mohawks on the Kahnawake reserve disagree with the government’s position, citing territorial sovereignty and legal uncertainty over online gambling.

That position may not keep the province at bay indefinitely, however. Montreal-based law professor Sunny Handa noted that the police have acted within their authority when they shut down other questionable casinos.

“They use pretty broad language in the Criminal Code that would catch lots of different people doing [running casinos].”

Ultimately, any decision on the Kahnawake casino servers will be political in nature. Governmental relations with native groups have been anything but exemplary in recent years, and as a result, the Quebec government will tread cautiously until it has a strong legal opinion in its favor.

Police launched their investigation late last year after a request from the Public Security minister.


Major VC-Backed South Korean Exchange Launches Ripple Support for Crypto Gambling

Korbit, one of the three leading South Korean bitcoin exchanges alongside Bithumb and Coinone, has officially integrated support for Ripple trading.

In an email to its customers and traders, the Korbit team wrote:


Over the past three years, Korbit secured $3.6 million in investment from South Korea’s most prominent investment firms and conglomerates including the $17 billion telecommunications giant SK Telecom, the South Korean arm of the Japanese investment company Softbank, and billionaire angel investor Tim Draper.

Although Korbit currently falls behind Coinhumb in terms of user base and market capitalization, it has a significant influence over the South Korean bitcoin industry and exchange market due to its strong line up of investors and supporters. Thus, the validation of Ripple by the Korbit team is likely to trigger a rise in demand toward Ripple in the South Korean exchange market, which already is the second and third largest market in the global Ethereum and Bitcoin exchange markets.

On May 11, Koji Higashi, the project leader of ORB and co-founder of IndieSquare, released an analytical blog post entitled “New wave of Japanese investors are fueling the great altcoin bubble.” In it, Higashi explicitly described the explosive growth of Ripple in the Japanese exchange market and his concerns over the decision of casual and beginner traders to invest in altcoins such as Ripple and NEM without obtaining actual knowledge in the purpose, structure and philosophy of the abovementioned altcoins.

Higashi emphasized that the vast majority of traders are relying on exchanges’ chatrooms to receive investment advice, which he describe as unreliable. Higashi’s description of Japanese and South Korean investment and exchange chatrooms is rather accurate, as last year, many traders advised bitcoin users to sell the digital currency because Apple was developing its own cryptocurrency with advanced technology.

Quite evidently, anyone with the slightest understanding of cryptography and the structure of cryptocurrencies would understand that there exists many components such as hash power that are necessary for a cryptocurrency to evolve, which cannot be replicated overnight by companies like Apple, regardless of the resources they may have.

“Another thing to note about this new trend is that the general lack of understanding or appreciation of the technology by many of new users. This is no surprise and all of us have been there at one point but the new wave of Japanese investors seem to be exhibiting a whole new level of incomprehension and misguided decision making in my opinion. Many of them don’t bother researching what those coins do nor what they are useful for but rather follow whatever they hear in exchanges’ chatrooms,” said Higashi.

Expounding upon Higashi’s concern, Korbit’s justification behind their decision to add Ripple trading and support is also quite questionable for Crypto Gambling, as they …

Mohegan Sun takes a gamble on best online casino singapore




  • The Connecticut casino opens the first phase of a $1-billion addition today despite the weakening economy.



The Mohegan tribe opens today the first phase of a $1-billion addition to its Mohegan Sun casino, two weeks after terrorists attacked New York and sent an already sluggish economy spiraling toward recession.


Project Sunburst — complete with an indoor mountain, the largest planetarium dome in the world, a 10,000-seat arena, an 85-foot waterfall, 2,500 new slot machines, 130,000 square feet of shops and nine new restaurants — is nothing short of breathtaking.


But are Americans really in the mood to gamble?


The terrorist attacks have put a damper on consumers’ enthusiasm for the slots. Turnout on Mohegan’s existing 180,000-square-foot gambling floors has been soft over the past two weeks, according to Mitchell Etess, executive vice president of marketing for Mohegan Sun.


Plus, the opening occurs in the midst of a slumping economy that analysts say is moving toward recession. Economists and Wall Street analysts are predicting a short-term slowdown in entertainment revenue. Rhode Island’s tourism industry has felt the negative effects.


Despite the bleak picture, Mohegan Sun officials remain undaunted.


“We didn’t feel it was appropriate to be celebratory in nature. But we didn’t want to stop,” Etess said.


Although the tribe scaled back today’s celebration, canceling the indoor fireworks and toning down an advertising campaign, the ribbon will still be cut, the slots will flash and more than 21 shops will be open for business.


Mohegan Sun also has no plans to stop construction on the second phase of its expansion project, a 1,200-room hotel tower and 100,000-square-foot convention center, which are scheduled to open in April.


The casino still expects to pull in 14 million people annually and is projecting $1 billion in sales next year, according to Etess.


“Historically, in times of recession, gaming facilities have still been able to grow,” Etess said. “People aren’t traveling far from home and they aren’t getting into airplanes right now, but people still want to do things.”


Etess predicts the casino, with its larger facilities, will be able to capitalize on the 22-million people who live in New England and New York.


Mohegan now gets 20,000 visitors a day, and almost all of them are day-trippers, according to Etess. About 20 percent of those customers come from New York, while 7 percent drive from Rhode Island. Most of the rest come from Massachusetts and Connecticut, he said.


After the hotel opens in April, Mohegan is expecting to attract an additional 16,000 guests a day.


At least one Wall Street analyst agrees.


“Mohegan is more of a regional business and wouldn’t be hurt as badly as some casinos,” said Tom Graves, a gaming analyst with Standard & Poors in New York. “The gaming facilities that rely more on long distance destination travelers are going to be hurt more.”


Mohegan’s Sunburst …